Life Improvement Packages

feather and stone balanceAs our lives get busier and busier, it often does not take much for the mind- body-spirit connection to get out of balance.  The more we focus on keeping our lives functioning in the day-to-day, the less our spirit tends to be nourished.

  • Do you feel that there is something missing in your life yet you do not know what?
  • Are you feeling stuck and want to move forward?
  • Do you want to save time, money and get results?

Undertaking a specifically designed Life Improvement Package is a powerful, creative, innovative approach that can assist you to create lasting change in your life. Each programme is designed to allow you to access all the tools you need in order to create the desired shift in behaviour, spirit, attitude and emotional wellbeing by utilising the tools that you already have access to (but may have overlooked).  The goal is to uncover behavioural patterns and underlying issues as well as realising that if a change needs to be made then only you can do that.

** Move from Effect to Cabeatcauseuse in order to regain control over your life.
** Remove the clutter from your life in order to gain a new perspective.
** Discover your strengths and weaknesses and discover how to incorporate an understanding of them.
** Enhance your thinking and decision making skills.
** Develop strategies for creating balance in the midst of chaos.

The Life Improvement Package available through the Isian Centre of Metaphysics are aimed to provide valuable support to improve all areas of your life, whilst enhancing all dimensions of health and wellness – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
* Freedom from anxiety, panic attacks and depression
* Break unwanted habits and behaviours (addictions)
* Improve relationships and resolve conflict
* Work through loss, grief and separation
* Heal traumas and abuse
* Overcoming phobias
* Transforming Dreams into Reality (goal setting)
* Cease Smoking for Good
* Develop self-confidence and self-esteem
* Releasing Limitations …

$350 (includes initial consultation, tasking, hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming, Time Line Therapy™ and two follow-up sessions)

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