2020 Spiritual Retreat

icm bali2Our connection with spirit (the divine) is the foundation for everything in our lives. When we feel this deep connection, we experience balance, harmony, and a sense of inner peace of knowing who we are. When this connection is missing, it is not uncommon for us to feel out of balance, overwhelmed, or simply just confused with life in general.

Known as the “Land of the Gods”, Bali is a perfect place to undergo this reconnection to our spiritual selves.  As such, I am in the process of organising a seven day spiritual retreat in Bali that will be taking place in June 2020.

TRANSFORM THE SOUL – A Seven Day Spiritual Retreat in Bali

icm bali4During your seven day stay on the beautiful island of Bali you will be immersed into a combination of Balinese spiritual practices as well as Western metaphysical concepts that are specifically designed to (re)connect your mind, body and soul back to the divine source (however this appears to you).

Transform the Soul spiritual retreat will enable you to be embraced by the gentle, yet powerful force, that will encourage you to slow down, let go and relax. Once this happens, you will be able to open up to the voice within, feeling a sense of connectedness with all that is around you.

During the seven days that we will be spending time together, you will have the opportunity to:
:: Experience a MELUKAT (water cleansing) performed by a Balinese High Priest
:: Undergo a SACRED BLESSING at one of the lesser known temples
:: Participate in a SOUL PURIFICATION CEREMONY at a sacred water temple
:: Connect with the sacredness through the preparation and presentation of unique Balinese OFFERINGS
:: Perform a CANDLE LIT MEDITATION in the tomb of the ancient kings
:: Receive a PERSONAL HEALING SESSION by an authentic Balian (Balinese healer/shaman) from one of the ancient Balinese royal families
:: Have your own PERSONAL TALISMAN specifically crafted for you by the renown craftsperson

:: Visit two of Bali’s most sacred temples, PURA BESAKIH (the “Mother Temple”) and PURA ULUN DANU BATUR (dedicated to Dewi Danu)
:: Engage in a BEACH RITE
and much more.

ICM baliMost mornings will commence with the opportunity to explore and enhance your own body’s strength and capability through gentle morning yoga asanas that will be suitable for all levels as well as instruction on calming the mind through pranayama (breathing techniques).

All this and there will also be plenty of time for shopping, additional sight seeing, massages and general relaxation.

:: $2222 AUD (early bird rate) if the non-refundable deposit of $222 AUD is paid prior to 30 March 2020
:: $2999 AUD if deposit is paid after 30 March 2020.


More information about the first Transform the Soul week long spiritual retreat will be made available over coming months.  If you would like to be added to the emailing list of updates then please complete the contact form.