House Cleansings and Blessings

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your own home for no apparent reason?  This could be due to lingering stale or negative energy from previous owners or situations, energy that has manifested through anger, unhappiness, prolonged grief, or even violence, and has remained trapped.  Such energy can in turn be a challenge for us and our ability to live in a house peacefully and turning it into a warm and nurturing home for yourself and your loved one.

a2831-housecleansing2An alternative to moving is to undertake a House Cleansing ritual.  This process is specifically designed to remove any stale and negative energy from the house, and filling it with fresh, flowing lighter energy.

House Cleansings can be complex whereby the whole building is smudged and cleansed room by room prior to occupation, or after a guest has left who has been emitting negative or uncomfortable energy.

The objective of a House Cleansing ritual is to reset and realign the energy in order for peace and tranquillity to be restored.  This in turn allows the occupants to reside comfortably without further upsetting (and often unexplainable) disturbances.

A House Blessing Ceremony is performed at the conclusion of the House Cleansing ritual or on its own.  The purpose of the House Blessing Ceremony is just that, to protect the occupants from any form of misfortune prior to moving into a house, or at any other auspicious time.

As a ritualist and energy worker with over 25 years experience, Frances is able to specifically design something that will meet your spiritual needs.

After the initial one on one consultation with the occupant to discuss the issues and history, she will assess the energy and what would be the most appropriate cleansing method – from smudging with specially blended herbs and resins renowned for their banishing and/or protective properties, the use of blessed water, or even the performing of a ritual that has been specifically written for the purpose.

aa381-palosanto_display_burning_1024x1024Any ritual conducted is aimed to align with the spiritual and religious beliefs of the occupations of the building with the purpose being to replace any stagnant and negative energy with positive energy.

Upon completion, you will be provided with detailed instructions in order to aid you in maintaining the continuation of cleansed and positive energy within your building.

Standard House Cleansings are usually a two step process:
** the initial consultation whereby information is gathered and the situation is assessed in order for specific house cleansing ritual to be written, then
** the performance of the house cleansing ritual itself, which may take up to two hours.
Cost: $225 (includes travel within 10 kms from Parafield Gardens)**

Urgent House Cleansings is a one step process whereby in one meeting the situation is assessed, and housing cleansing ritual is undertaken.  As such, this may take up to three hours.
Cost: $300 (includes travel within 10 kms from Parafield Gardens)**

House Blessing Ceremony only
Cost: $100 (includes travel within 10 kms from Parafield Gardens)**

Additional Extras
:: Small Grandfather/White Sage (Salvia apiana) smudge sticks – $5 each
:: Small Grandfather/White Sage (Salvia apiana) and rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) smudge sticks- $5 each
:: Handrolled beeswax pillar candles anointed with Palo Santo oil – $15
:: Palo Santo (Holy Wood) sticks – $3 each
:: Specifically blended essential oils in jojoba oil (10ml bottle) – $10
:: Specifically prepared and consecrated house protection charm – $50

Full payment must be received prior to the commencement of any ritual.

To book your House Cleansing and Blessing ceremony, contact Frances through the following form.  A mutually convenient time will be undertaken with respect to the consultation, or in cases of urgency, the cleansing ritual itself.

** For distances further than 10 kms from Parafield Gardens, the charge rate is 0.66 cents per kilometre as per the Australian Taxation Office deductions.