Other Events

This annual beach side rite is held in honour of Yemaya around the first full moon of each new calendar year.  Due to family obligations, this event will take place a month later, Wednesday, 31 January 2018.

We meet on the grassed area outside the Grange Hotel at Grange Beach around 8.00pm (look for the purple banner) to head down to the shore in honour of Yemaya, the Queen of the Rivers and Oceans. Rite to commence around 8:30pm.

In this informal rite, we ask for Yemaya’s blessings of all the world’s waterways, sea creatures, and all other beings that fall under Her protection.

Please bring an offering to Yemaya (flower, crystal, stone etc) that will be thrown into the ocean. Participants will also be invited to share in a libation of watermelon (Yemaya’s favourite food).

Children are also welcome to attend but must be supervised by their parents/guardians.

A gold coin/loose change charitable donation will be collected.


Tmagic_circle cover.jpgHE WYTCH’S CIRCLE
(Commencing Thursday, 5 April 2018 – 7.30pm)

The Wytch’s Circle aims to provide participants with indepth information into the beliefs and spiritual practices of contemporary Wytchcraft through the use of ritual, magick, divination and much more.

Over five weeks, the teachings contained within The Wytch’s Circle are specifically designed for both the complete beginner as well as those who have had some ritual experience (either solitary or within a group) and who are seeking more advance and indepth instruction.

Through the exposure of various magickal and esoteric techniques, the emphasis will be on working ritual and magick within a group format in order to create a magickal egregore that will enable each participant to tap into the true concept of “walking between the worlds”.

During the five weeks over which this circle is held, you will:
** Gain an understanding into the basic philosophies and “spirit” of modern day contemporary Wytchcraft,
** Explore the concept of Dual Divinity (ie a divine masculine, God, and a divine feminine, Goddess),
** Learn how to raise energy within a group context,
** Experience the power of sacred sonic vibration,
** Create and work with a magickal egregore,
** Craft your own spells for prosperity, healing, protection, etc,
** Use of ceremonial magick within the magickal circle,
and much more.


If you are interested in attending, please email the High Priestess of the Temple of the Dark Moon to obtain your registration form.  Please mark your email “The Wytch’s Circle” in the subject line.

Strictly limited positions available.

Investment: $200 (includes book) – payment through Paypal

Venue: Parafield Gardens