Sister Moon Circles

icm-smc2Something special happens for women when we gather together in circles, creating a sacred space where we can hear and be heard, where we learn and share, support and empower each other.  The bond of “sisterhood” is the greatest gift we, as women, can give our own selves.  In the presence of our sisters, we all stand equal, allowing each of us to share our inner most fears, dreams and desires.

“Sister, open your heart, fling your hopes high and set your dreams aloft.
I am here to hold your hand.”
(Maya Angelou)

Sister Moon Circles are sacred spaces for women that are held once a month on the Friday evening prior to or just after the New Moon.

Together we will awaken our connection to the Divine Self, discover inner peace and personal healing, and empower each other through embracing what it truly means to be a woman in the 21st century.

Personal Investment: $20
Venue: Room 2, 3 Kyle Place, Port Adelaide

Book through Eventbrite to secure your place as there are limited vacancies.  Bookings will close one week prior to the date of the circle.

Awaken to the sense of “sisterhood” and simply just BE.

Sister Moon Circles dates and themes are:
:: 26 May – Going Within     (bookings close 19 May)
:: 30 June – Winter Solstice Celebrations     (bookings close 23 June)
:: 21 July – Creating New Beginnings     (bookings close 14 July)
:: 18 August – Accepting Beauty with Hathor     (bookings close 11 August)
:: 15 September – Journey into the Crystal Realms     (bookings close 8 September)
:: 20 October – Embracing Your Inner Warrior    (bookings close 13 October)
:: 17 November – Maids of Spring    (bookings close 10 November)
:: 15 December – Summer Solstice Celebrations    (bookings close 8 December)