LunaNoire Creations is our on-line etsy store where a range of handcrafted devotional and spiritual items, jewellery and selected one-off items are available for purchase.

Goddess Moon Devotional Rosary BeadsAmethyst Goddess Moon 13 rosary (2).JPG
These rosaries are inspired by the traditional rosary, these sets of beads reflect the triple phase of the Goddess, the Maiden (white opalite), Mother (red coral) and Crone (black onyx).  Between each set of nine beads,  specific spacer beads can be found offering rest and reflection. At the end of the Goddess Moon Rosary is a larger “moon” bead and a final string consisting of seven 8mm beads that are specific to a particular purpose.

Other variations of the Goddess Moon Devotional Rosary beads include the Lotus Prayer Beads that are made from lotus seeds and are finished with Tibetan silver Kuan Yin or Goddess charms.

Prayer/Worry Bead StringsEarth Goddess.JPG
Also inspired by the traditional rosary, bead strings are open ended and consist of various repeated patterns of crystal beads.  Bead strings are used in meditation practices as counters or reflection aids.  They can also be carried upon the person to bring comfort and calmness of mind and thought during periods of anxiety and stress.

Some bead strings have been constructed to reflect a specific purpose, such as the Druidic Prayer beads and the Archangel Michael Prayer beads where the crystals selected specifically aid recovery from radio and  chemotherapy treatment, while others reflect a more individual style.

With over 50 different crystal beads and Tibetan silver charms available (including a variety of Catholic saint medallions), you can even order your own custom made bead string or crystal beaded bracelet that will reflect your specific purpose.

emma-wearing-morrighanDevotional Necklace Bead Strings
Used in a similar manner as the prayer or worry bead strings, these devotional bead strings consist with either a lobster or toggle clasp enabling the piece to be worn as a necklace, such as The Morrighan (as depicted right).  Other examples of devotional necklace bead strings include Hel (in honour of the Norse Goddess who rules Helheim, the lowest world at the roots of the sacred World Tree), and  Sekhmet/Maashes (lion headed Egyptian deities).

Another variation is the Herne, Cernunnos and Elen of the Ways series which has been constructed as a “ladder” or counting prayer and consists of 40 crystals beads that have been split into sections of 3, 7, 9 and 21 ending with a bronze antler charm.

Coming Soon: Our Angelic Ascension Range of Crystal Bracelets

Crystal Beaded BraceletsDepression.jpg

Numerous design and crystal bead combinations are available to reflect your individual need and desire.  Choose purpose specific bracelets that can you deal with feelings of depression or anxiety; or aid psychic development; or the various colour and crystal combinations that resonate with all.

All bracelets are made with stretch elastic for easy wear and a comfortable fit, and can be adjusted to fit your specific requirements.

New styles and variations of beaded bracelets are constructed all the time, including our Triple Moon Goddess bracelet (image at bottom of page) where the beads reflecting the three phases of the Goddess (white opalite for the Maiden, red coral for the Mother and black onyx for the Crone) are stung on tiger tail with a lobster or toggle clasp.

Beaded Bottles
pentagram-redUnique to LunaNoire Creations are theses beautifully beaded Peruvian ceramic bottles that can be used as devotional items or worn as jewellery.  Some are natural finished while others come with a raku glaze.

Each bottle comes with a cork stopper and holds up to 7.3mls or 2 drams of fluid with the average length of the necklace being 75cm.

The beads used to finish these bottles include glass, glass pearl, crackle glass and Czech fire polished as well as consisting of an assortment of spacer beads depending on the design.


LunaNoire Creations items are all made in South Australia for the world.


Triple Moon Goddess bracelet

From Goddess Moon devotional beads to prayer/worry bead strings, from crystal bracelets and ceramic bottles to Dichroic glass snake pendants, LunaNoire Creations offers many unique and often one-of-a-kind items.

If you are after an unique gift or something specifically made for your own requirements, then take a look at our etsy store, LunaNoire Creations.