Services and Terms

The mission of the Isian Centre of Metaphysics is to aid and assist you in re-enhancing that important mind-body-spirit connection by offering an assortment of life changing services, energetic healing treatments, and guidance readings.  All energetic and neuro-linguistic treatments that are offered work best when they are approached with an open mind.

The following are the types of therapies and treatments which are available:

icm-life-enhancingLife Enhancing Therapies
Available: Hypnotherapy, Past and Present Life Regression, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Life Therapy™.
Used for: Self Confidence, Stress Reduction, Removal of Fears, Goal Achievement, Anger Management, Release of Guilt and Encouraging Forgiveness, Positive Thinking, Improving Study Habits, and Relaxation.
Cost: $150 for the initial 90 minute consultation 
Follow-up sessions: $90 per hour
Initial Step
: Email me with the area you would like to enhance.  I will provide you with a confidential questionnaire for you to complete and return prior to the initial consultation.  The information you provide enables me to ensure that you receive the most appropriate therapy.

Life Improvement Packagesicm-improvement
Complete packages are available to ensure you improve your life once and for all.  All packages are tailor made to fit your specific requirements and goals, and include initial consultation and tasking, hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy™, NLP and two follow-up sessions, totalling nearly five hours of instruction and therapy.
Used for: Freedom from Anxiety, Overcoming Phobias, Transforming Dreams into Reality (Goal Setting), Discovering Past Lives, Freedom from Nicotine, Creating A Brighter Future, Releasing Limitations.
Cost: $350 (equivalent to nearly five hours)
Initial Step: Email me for a confidential questionnaire that you are to complete and return prior to the initial consultation.  The information you provide enables me to design the most appropriate life improvement package for you individual lifestyle and ability.

Healing%20picture%20resize.jpgSpiritual Enhancement Programme
One on one spiritual instruction that focuses on the complete person – mind-body-spirit – by going beyond what may be happening on the surface in order to find and free you from the “root cause”.  Sessions may include hypnotherapy, yogic instruction (including asana and pranayama), Time Line Therapy™, soul retrieval, auric cleansing, chakra balancing, the cutting of outdated energetic ties, Past Life memory release, and instruction in metaphysical philosophy.
Used for: Taking responsibility for your creation by moving from Effect to Cause, understanding why your soul has chosen such situations in this lifetime, discovering positive learnings of life’s experiences, re-designing your new future.
Cost: $100 for the initial 90 minute consultation
Follow-up sessions: $30 per hour (minimum five sessions booked)
Initial Step: Email me for a confidential questionnaire that you are to complete and return prior to the initial consultation.  The information you provide will enable me to design a spiritual enhancement programme specificially for you.

Missing image for IS DT FTEnergetic Healings
Being trained in Usui Reiki, Seichim, Pellowah, Crystal Healing, Auric Cleansing and Chakra Balancing, I am able to offer energetic healings in any one of these treatments, or a combination depending on what I intuitively am directed to use.
Cost: $90 for a 45 minute treatment session

Other Services Available
:: Energetic Cord Cutting with Auric Cleansing and Crystal Healing.
Cost: $90 for a 45 minute treatment session

:: Tarot and Oracle Card Reading
Cost: $90 for a 45 minute reading

:: Meditation Groups
:: Psychic Development Classes
:: Full Moon Meditation and Healing Circles
:: Sister Moon Circles (women only groups)
:: Gathering Around the Cauldron earth spirituality
:: House Cleansings and Blessings
:: Rites of Passage and Sacred Ceremonies for all occasions
:: Workshops of mythology, metaphysics and more.

Cancellation of Bookings:
If an appointment cannot be kept, please email me or text me at your earliest convenience.
If you are not able to attend an appointment where pre-payment has been made:
– 100% refund where seven (7) days plus hours notice is given
– 50% refund where 72 hours notice is given
– no refund where less than 72 hours notice is given or non attendance.

Refund Policy for all Events:
Bookings are essential for all events as there are limited places available.  Unless indicated, all events are held at the Isian Centre of Metaphysics in Parafield Gardens.
:: Deposits are non-refundable except in the instances where the workshop or course has been cancelled by myself or the Isian Centre of Metaphysics.
:: If an event has a date change which is inconvenient for the attendee, then the amount paid will be reimbursed in full.
:: If an event is paid in full and the attendee decides they are not able to attend, a partial refund may be available prior to the event commencing.  No refund will be available if the event has commenced.  Depending on the circumstances, a position in a subsequent event may be offered at a discounted cost.