Rites of Passage and other Ceremonies

GH altar.jpgA Rite of Passage is a ceremony of the passage which occurs when a person leaves one phase in their life and enters into another.  Rites of passage ease us over the threshold into the next phase, and help us to understand and embrace the new status.

Around the world there an assortment of Rites of Passage that mark various stages of life – from a christening (marking the naming of a child), wedding (the union of two people), and even a funeral (marking the departing from this world).  Certain cultures also observe specific rites of passage that mark the transition from childhood into adulthood, such as the bar and bat mitzvahs held within the Jewish faith.

redtent2According to French ethnographer (recorder of folklore), Arnold van Gennep, Rites of Passage have three phases:
:: separation [from the world],
:: liminality [those executed during the transitional stage between life and death], and
:: incorporation [of ceremonies to mark the entry into the new world].

I have been creating and hosting Rites of Passage as well as other sacred ceremonies for over 25 years that have included:

  • Marking the various seasons and seasonal “gateways” throughout the year
  • Marking different phases of the moon
  • Naming of a child
  • First Blood (marking the first menstruation)
  • Embracing Life Changes (including menopause, hysterectomy etc)
  • Handfasting (relationship commitment)
  • Parting of the Ways (ending a relationship)
  • Croning (embracing old age)
  • Death of a Pet
  • Releasing the Soul of someone who has died

and much more.

Rites of Passage and other ceremonies can be held at your place or at the Isian Centre of Metaphysics (in Parafield Gardens).

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