Being Emotionally Mature (Dr P.L. Masters)

As we travel through life, one thing becomes very apparent when observing people in general, and that is how few have actually become emotionally mature. Most, it seems, have never grown up emotionally. While their bodies may pose an adult image, juvenile childishness often remains hidden within, awaiting the next event in life that will … Continue reading Being Emotionally Mature (Dr P.L. Masters)

Reactions to Life Events

The following is from Madisyn Taylor of Daily Om where she shares how our own personal reactions to things that occur during our lives are actually pre-conditioned - however, each of us have the ability to "re-wire" this pre-conditioning should we truly desire to do so. Our past experiences can and do influence our emotional reactions and responses to … Continue reading Reactions to Life Events

Improving Relationships with Others (Dr Paul Masters)

How a person interacts with others is often and undeniably a key factor in whether their life is succeeding or failing. It is not necessarily how bright a person may intellectually be that assures success, but how they get along with others. In a corporate atmosphere, this is often referred to as being a team … Continue reading Improving Relationships with Others (Dr Paul Masters)

A Day of Spiritual Spring Healing

Prior to me taking time out to meditate near the sacred Granges River at a Himalayan ashram, I have decided to offer a day of REBOOT YOUR LIFE healing sessions on Saturday, 15 September 2018.  Considering this date falls a week out from the Spring Equinox what a perfect way to treat yourself to some … Continue reading A Day of Spiritual Spring Healing

The Wisdom of Sharing – Stone Soup

Imagine a world in which we all shared our gifts and bounty with each other rather than focusing on self preservation. There are many variations on the story of stone soup, but they all involve a traveller coming into a town beset by famine. The inhabitants try to discourage the traveller from staying, fearing he … Continue reading The Wisdom of Sharing – Stone Soup

Why is there 108 beads on a Mala?

Malas (meaning "garland") are a strand of 108 beads (plus a "guru" bead) that are traditionally used to count the number of times a mantra is recited during meditation.  This process is known as japa or "mantra meditation".  While originally used within Hinduism and Buddhism, the use of malas are can be found increasing beyond these … Continue reading Why is there 108 beads on a Mala?

Green Tara – the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Action

Tomorrow's Monday Night Meditation will see the conclusion of the round of mantras that have been chanted to Lord Ganesha, and it is with deep gratitude that we offer up our thanks to the Lord of Wisdom and Remover of Obstacles to hearing our chanting.  There will then be a two week break before Monday … Continue reading Green Tara – the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Action

Meditating Your Way to Success (Dr Paul Masters)

Meditators have a far greater chance of living successful lives, according to Dr Paul Masters.   There are numerous reasons for this, as we will explore.  Deep meditation, such as that practiced by yogis and mystics down through the ages, is the type of meditation to which Dr Masters is referring to in this article. … Continue reading Meditating Your Way to Success (Dr Paul Masters)

Resolving the Unresolvable (Dr Paul Masters)

To wish, to hope, to dream of better things is a state of mind through which most people look upon every new cycle in their lives. This is especially true at the beginning of humanity’s group cycle at the dawn of every New Year. Hoping and dreaming of making things better in their lives, people … Continue reading Resolving the Unresolvable (Dr Paul Masters)