Past and Present Life Regressions

past-life-stairs* Do you suffer from unexplained phobias or issues where you cannot recall or understand how they eventuated?
* Do you have certain addictions which make no sense?
* A fear of flying?
* Inexplicable attraction or aversion to someone?
* Unexplained chronic pain?

It could be possible that the root cause of these problems have actually been carried over from a previous life or even a memory while you were in the womb, and is now preventing you from living your life to its fullest potential.  While conventional therapies focus on your current life, they may not be able to address the true root cause of the problem if it stems from a previous life, or a memory during gestation.  This is where Past and Present Life Regression can help.

Past and Present Life Regression is a form of therapy where the practitioner guides you gently back into the time of the root cause of the problem, when it first manifested, whether it be in a previous life time or the time between conception and birth.  Through this process, an awareness is brought into your consciousness of what has been holding you back in order for you to begin living your full potential.  After a session, many clients report a greater sense of serenity, love and self-acceptance.

250d2-psychometryUnlock Your Future by understanding the Keys of Your Past.

$120 (90 minutes, includes typed notes)
* Optional Pellowah Healing treatment can also be included at a discounted rate: $30 (30 minutes)

If you would like to book a Past and Present Life Regression please contact me for a mutually convenient time.