Metaphysical Healers Course

**Becoming available in 2023**

This is a specially designed course that will enable you to become a certified and qualified METAPHYSICAL HEALER.

During the length of this course, you will be provided with a wealth of information and knowledge that will enable you to confidentially develop your own unique healing ability through the utilisation of a various metaphysical principals.  Your training will incorporate concepts from both Eastern and Western philosophies and healing practices.

During this course, you will learn about:
:: Creating a protective Sacred Space
:: Connecting with and trusting your own Intuition
:: The chakra energy system
:: Exploring the Eight Limbs of Yogic philosophy
:: Understand the Seven Universal Laws and their implementation
:: Meridian and nadi energetic lines within the body
:: Dowsing energy lines on the earth
:: The auric field that surrounds the body
:: Grounding and using sacred energy of the earth
:: How to clear and cleanse spaces (including your own home)
:: Identifying and working with your spiritual guides
:: Calling in angelic powers
:: Identifying healing herbs
:: Working with the powers of the moon
:: Aligning with specific crystals
:: Identifying energy blockages and psychic attacks, how they manifest within the auric field, and how to clear them
:: Enhancing your own psychic abilities
:: Using the power of colour
:: Utilising your psychic abilities within your healing practice
:: The use of sacred sound and vibration
:: How to channel energy and move it through the auric field and chakra system intuitively
:: Introduction to various forms of energetic healing
:: Understanding how illness and disease manifests through the auric fields
and much more.

Due to the extensive subject material that will be covered in this certified Metaphysical Healer course, the training will be provided as a series of modules held on a monthly basis over an 18 month period.  This will ensure that each participant fully understands the material provided and is given the opportunity to demonstrate their own ability.  Dates of when these modules will be run will be made available when the course has been approved for certification.

Prior knowledge and certificates gained will be considered.

DATE: Commencing in 2023
Early Bird Full Payment:

**Payment plans can be arranged subject to prior agreement.

Your Tutor
Frances has been exploring the concepts of the mind-body-spirit connection for over 30 years.  She holds a Bachelors Degree in Metaphysical Science, certificates in a number of energetic healing modalities (including Reiki, Seichim and Pellowah), is a certified hypnotherapist, Death Walker (or End of Life Doula – assisting the dying and their families through the end of life transition), and a practitioner of past life regressions.  She is also  a Level 1 (200 hours) yoga teacher, an accomplished tarot card reader with over 20 years experience, and author on earth centric spiritual practices.

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