Metaphysical and Other Matters

Spell Cord Cutting for CH Dark Moon Jan 2012 (7).JPGWith over 30 years of personal experience and research within the realm of metaphysics, Frances is able to design something specific and meaningful for you that will meet your spiritual needs.

Drawing from both traditional as well as modern sources, mythological re-enactments, something to mark a Rite of Passage, or even a personal seasonal or full moon rite, if you need a ritual written or a spell constructed, then consider discussing your needs with Frances.

No ritual or spell is ever duplicated.

Rituals and Spellcraftings include*:

  • Rites of Passage: Handfasting (token only), Handparting (token only), Baby Blessings (pre-birth) and Naming (non-religious), Releasing of the Soul (including after a miscarriage or abortion), Requiems (including pets), etc.

  • Cleanings and Protections: House cleansing, House Blessing, Removal of Psychic Blockages, Psychic Cord Cutting, etc.

  • Attraction and Abundance: from Love, Peace and Happiness to Prosperity.

  • Assistance in seeking suitable employment.

  • Emotional/Spiritual Healing: including after a Hysterectomy or mastectomy has occurred.

  • Devotion to specific Deity.

  • Blood Rites: Menarche/Maiden (first Moon blood flow), Menopause/Croning (last Moon blood flow), etc.

Spell Cord Cutting DM 012012 (6).JPGEach ritual or spell is individually prices depending on the amount of research needed and cost of ingredients. You will receive all necessary ingredients (including oils, candles, herbs, crystals, amulets and talismans, hand blended incense, etc) along with one parchment copy of the rite for your own records, and detailed instructions.

No spell will be crafted completely on your behalf. This is because Frances firmly believes
that you need to supply your own personal energy to such workings.

Frances is also available to facilitate and conduct any of the rituals you commission her to create for you. This may include additional charges to include travelling costs.

Initial Consultation: $150 (includes completion of a detailed questionnaire to ascertain the most appropriate technique, personal discussions (telephone, in person or Skype), liaison with you to ensure chosen technique is congruent, obtaining and preparing all materials required to be provided to you, preparing detailed instructions)
Subsequent Charges (charged pro rata on 60 minute blocks):
* $50 for personal guidance as you conduct the rite
* $75 for personal conduction of rite on your behalf.
* For distances further than 10 kms from Parafield Gardens, the charge rate is 0.66 cents per kilometre as per the Australian Taxation Office deductions.

Frances reserves the right to refuse any ritual or spell request that may result in illegal
or immortal actions, or which may conflict with her own personal ethics and philosophies.