Full Moon Meditation and Healing Circles


My beloved Divine Mother
Dance with me  under the soft moon shining
in the wide open fields
far beyond the toil and trouble
of my busy mind

Dance with me  before the night grows old
while the winds of love
still bow the grasses
and the coyotes howl for you  to step their way

Dance with me my beloved
while the Mystery’s Edge  still flirts in the shadow
of your radiant light.

The above poem, taken from Soft Moon Shining by Ethan Walker III encapsulates the awe directed towards the moon that many of us have.  Watching this satellite change from its first sliver of light through to full, back to its final sliver before even disappearing from our night’s view, only to once again appear conjures up all manner of feelings and associations.

Full Moon Meditation and Healing Circles are held at Port Adelaide just prior to the date of the full moon.

june-moonTogether we will gather in a sacred space to discover what the lunar energies will be for the coming month. Through the process of meditation, we will seek clarity and guidance for the coming lunar cycle as well as give thanks to the gifts and insights provided during the previous cycle.

The energy of the full moon tends to make us purge and release things from our lives.  Therefore it is important that we make sure that we are in control of what we are releasing due to the heightened emotions also experienced around the time of the full moon, otherwise we may regret our decision.  Often the full moon is a time when we reap what we sowed at the new moon, for good or for ill. As such we need to be mindful of what we bring into our own lives.

A healing circle will take place where energy is raised and directed to those in need.

The night’s meditation will close with a sharing of supper which will also help ground any excess lingering energies.

Limited positions available so booking are essential. Tickets through Eventbrite.

** All participants should ensure that they arrive prior to 7.20pm as the Full Moon Meditation and Healing Circle will be starting promptly thereafter.

Venue: Room 2, 3 Kyle Place, Port Adelaide

Tuesday, 11th April – Full Moon in Libra
Wednesday, 10th May – Full Moon in Scorpio
Friday, 9th June – Full Moon in Sagittarius
Sunday, 9th July – Full Moon in Capricorn
Tuesday, 8th August – Full Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, 6th September – Full Moon in Pisces
Thursday, 5th October – Full Moon in Aries
Friday, 3rd November – Full Moon in Taurus
Sunday, 3rd December – Full Moon in Gemini