Energetic House Cleansings

sage-bundle1Energy debris has mostly been related to negative thoughts, sentiments, and occurrences and stress emanating from your space.  Just like us, the walls, ceiling, objects, carpet and furniture of your dwelling absorb everything that is happening in your surroundings. If the channels are open and the energy is light and positive, it will flow freely throughout your living space.  Any denser, more negative energy tends to accumulate in corners and hard to reach places.  This energy may have resulted from previous owners and relate to instances of unhappiness, anger or even violence.  If trapped, this energy will affect those living in the dwelling.

An Energetic House Cleansing can assist in removing any stale, stagnant and denser energy from your dwelling, as well as dissolving any blockages that may cause it to accumulate in corners etc, whereby allowing the lighter, more positive energy to flow again.

You may wish to have an Energetic House Cleansing performed on your dwelling prior to moving in, welcoming in a new addition to the family, because  things feel “stuck”, or even due to the changing seasons.

palosanto_display_burning_1024x1024Drawing upon over 25 years of research and practical application into various areas of metaphysics, Frances is able to design and perform a specific Energetic House Cleansing unique to your own circumstances as well as any spiritual and/or religious beliefs of the household.  Energetic House Cleansings include moving through every room in the dwelling to ensure that any dense negative energy and blockages are removed.  Exterior to the dwelling can also be cleansed with “energy guardians” or “protective triggers” installed if appropriate.

The duration for Frances to perform an Energetic House Cleansing varies on the size of the dwelling and how detailed the rite is.  However, the average length of time is between 1.5 and 2.5 hours.

Standard (Two Stages) Technique:
At the initial consultation and after the current issues and history has been ascertained, Frances will be able to assess and identify the type of energy, and then suggest a possible Energetic House Cleansing technique.  If agreed, she will then prepare a suitable rite and obtain all the necessary items.  Frances will then return to conduct the appropriate Energetic House Cleansing to remove the stagnant energy and blockages prior to inviting the positive energy to flow freely through the house.

Cost: $300 (includes a copy of your unique Energetic House Cleansing rite, a selection of items that will enable you perform such a rite yourself, a specially prepared and consecrate house protection charm)

Urgent (One Stage) Technique:
In cases of urgency, where an Energetic House Cleansing is required then and there, it is still necessary for Frances to obtain details regarding the current issues and history.  She will then perform an appropriate Energetic House Cleansing based on the information obtained.

Cost: $200 (includes a copy of the Energetic House Cleansing rite used, a list of items that you may wish to obtain should you wish perform such a rite yourself,

If you would like to book Frances to perform an Energetic House Cleansing for you, please use the following form: