Encountering the Dark Goddess

DG Beyond.jpgDo you wish to explore the inner reaches of your psyche, those hidden aspects of your Self that tends to be ignored, neglected or that which you simply do not want to acknowledge?  Psychoanalyst Carl Jung referred to such aspects of our inner selves “the Shadow”, and venturing into these uncomfortable areas is highly recommended if we are to become a “complete” person.

This “Shadow Self” is the “unknown dark side of the personality”, that which is instinctive and irrational, and that which is even perceived as “personal inferiority”.  Yet the “Shadow Self” is also referred to as the unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself. This means that NOT every aspect of the “shadow self” is actually negative – there may very well be positive parts of our own Self residing in the Shadow that we have yet to identify with consciously.

Just as the “Shadow Self” is still very much a part of us, so too is the Dark Goddess a part of the Divine Feminine as a whole.  It is only our fragile human conditioning that has shunned this aspect of the Divine Feminine – and that is because she speaks and represents the “truth” our fragile ego wishes to ignore.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEncountering the Dark Goddess is an exploration into your deep shadow self through the connection with various “darker” aspects of the Divine Feminine in order to commence positive change at the deepest level.

This journey presents you with the unique opportunity to step through the veil and into the realm of the Inner Self, to meet and embrace your Shadow Self, to remove the unwanted and to reclaim what has been missing.

From the moment that you enter through the veil, you will be accompanied by various aspects of the Divine Feminine, those Goddess who prefer to reside in the shadowy realms, who move through the dreamscape, where linear concepts such as time have no meaning.

By awakening the “darkness” within your own soul, you can cast aside those rose-tinted glasses and see things for what they truly are.  Through her guidance and drawing upon her strength and power (that is often feared), you will find the courDG transmutationage to stand up and voice your own “truth” – to stand in your own “power”.

Just like Neo in the 1999 movie “The Matrix” the choice is yours – which “pill” will you take?  The blue pill of ignorance and illusion or the red pill of reality and the Dark Goddess.

Deep soul work such as this requires 100% commitment.  If you are serious about wanting to make change in your life, to break free of cyclic patterns, to gain true closure, you need to step into the shadows and journey deep within yourself in order to face what resides there.

The Dark Goddess is waiting …

TDM Dark Goddess

Online Format
Commence the new year with an indepth cleansing and purification of the soul.  This month long online sadhana (spiritual journey) is specifically designed to coincide with the lunar energies, and will commence just after the January full moon on Wednesday, 19 January 2022 before concluding just before the February full moon.

More information about this journey of descent into the Underworld realm of the Dark Goddess can be found here.


Physical Workshop
A full day retreat where you will be taken on a journey to meet and embrace your Shadow, and remove the unwanted in order to reclaim what has been missing.  Through the exploration of sacred myths I will guide you into the Underworld, the sacred realm of the Dark Goddess.  Here, the Dark Mother is waiting for you to reclaim your authentic soul and will begin your journey towards healing and positive change on the deepest soul level.

Date: TBA
Time: 10.30am to 4.30pm
Venue: TBA
Investment: $120
Bookings are essential as there are limited places available.