Numerology Workshop

Numerlogy-Science.jpgALL IS NUMBERED

This statement was the over-riding dictum of the school of Pythagoras, who was considered to be the first “true” mathematician. Students of Pythagoras considered each number to have its own character and meaning. As such, it is considered that from the moment of your birth, you are given a set of coordinates to guide you through this incarnation. Even your name is coded with information through the hidden value of each letter.

Numbers are simply not just numbers – they have souls. These digits, from one through to nine, hold information for our path in life, talents, gifts and much more. They can show cycles we will go through and bridges to be crossed.

What secrets will your name and birth date reveal?


During this two day workshop, you will be provided with:
:: An in-depth look at the digits one to nine, showing the positive attributes, negative traits and vibrational essence each number is striving to attain.
:: The interrelationship of all the numbers and the connection to astrology and tarot.
:: The potential of the Master numbers 11, 22, and 33.

Learn how to:
:: Set up the Blue Print of your Soul from your date of birth.
:: Find your own personal day and life path numbers, which will reveal your particular gifts, talents and the direction of your life’s journey.
:: Discover what strengths and weaknesses will be revealed from the 3×3 grid.
:: Obtain insight into what occurs at a deeper soul level when you change your name, the influence of a shortened name, or preference of a nick name. at your full birth name.
:: Construct your own personal 12 month cycle

You do not have to be a mathematical genius to understand numerology.

This two day workshop focuses on the concept of ESOTERIC NUMEROLOGY, that being the numbers of your soul.

Dates: Dates for this two day workshop to be advised


Venue: Isian Centre of Metaphysics, Parafield Gardens
Investment: $150

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