Attraction Doll Workshop

Attraction Doll Workshop
Coming soon in 2017
Poppet Magic 80
The use of Attraction Dolls (also referred to as “poppets”) date back to ancient Babylonia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.  From binding deities for defensive purposes (as the instance of the Greece “Kolossoi”) to the Hollywood inspired “Voodoo” dolls, poppets are basically effigies (images) of a person made from paper, clay, fabric, steel, corn husks or any other suitable material.
In this workshop we will be crafting our own Attraction Doll for whatever purpose you desire – be it for health and healing, protection, study, to gain employment, fertility, establishing positive relationships, or even the removal of negative influences.
Included in the price are most materials needed in the construction of your poppet including fabric, stuffing, herbs, crystals/stones, parchment paper, beads, thread/cord, charms, paint.  Depending on the purpose of your poppet, you may be required to bring additional personal items.

Investment: $80

Strictly limited number of positions available.