Chakra Balancing and Re-alignments

Within our physical bodies there are a number of energy centres, referred to by the ancient Sanskrit name of chakra (meaning “wheel”).  In order for the life force energy to flow freely throughout our bodies, regular balancing and alignment of these centres is recommended.

A chakra balancing and realignment treatment involves the therapist moving and clearing away stagnated and negative, heavy energy that has become lodged in and around the chakras, the body’s energy centres.  Once cleared from stagnated and negative energies, the therapist realigns the chakras so that positive healing energy is able to flow freely through the body.

This healing treatment is largely non-touch however the therapist may be drawn to place specific crystals on the body to assist in the balancing and realignment process.

After such a treatment clients have commented that they feel “lighter”, refreshed and able to cope with every day stress and challenges.

A chakra balancing and realignment treatment is a great way to re-energise yourself.  This treatment is recommended to those who do not have major issues to deal with but want to increase their energy levels.

3/4 hour Chakra Balancing and Realignment treatment using crystals : $90

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