Reboot Your Life Friday Sessions

Throughout May three REBOOT YOUR LIFE sessions will be held on Friday evenings, from 5,30pm - what a great way to end the working week and to commence the weekend. Lasting around 45 minutes each, make your REBOOT YOUR LIFE session a choice of past life regression, hypnotherapy,  energetic healing (including Usui Reiki, Seichim and … Continue reading Reboot Your Life Friday Sessions

Energy Top Ups with Usui Reiki

Here in Adelaide, the month of March is often referred to as "Mad March" due to all of the social events happening in the city - the Fringe, the Adelaide Festival, Clipsal 500, and Womadelaide.  As such we may find ourselves feeling fatigued and even emotionally drained.  When we do experience such feelings, what our … Continue reading Energy Top Ups with Usui Reiki

Is it your past that is the key to your future?

Have you ever wondered why certain things and/or situations keep being attracted to you?  Or why you seem to suffer from an unexplained phobia or issue that you are not able to recall happening in your life, or even how it eventuated?  Maybe it is because the actual root cause of such problems, and even … Continue reading Is it your past that is the key to your future?

What will 2017 bring to you?

A new year is upon us.  What will it bring for YOU? :: Are you happy and content with your life ... or do you feel restless, wanting to achieve more? :: Maybe you feel like you are surrounded by a fog of confusion. :: Or maybe you have never given much thought about what you … Continue reading What will 2017 bring to you?

A New Year = A New Direction on Life

In only three week's time, the new year will be upon us.  About 50% of us will mark this time by bolding stating things they wish to achieve during the next 12 month cycle - lose weight, increase exercise, eat healthier, stop smoking, and being better at managing money are some of the top resolutions.  Yet … Continue reading A New Year = A New Direction on Life

Ending 2016 in Style

This year can certainly be described as "annus horribilis" which saw the passing of many much loved celebrities starting with David Bowie on 10 January just two days after his 69th birthday, followed by Alan Rickman four days later, Prince in April, and Pete Burns in October.  Closer to home, 2016 commenced with fires blazed across the South Australian … Continue reading Ending 2016 in Style

The Difference between Counselling and NLP therapies

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a cognitive therapy offered by the Isian Centre of Metaphysics to assist people deal with issues in their lives.  When compared to traditional forms of therapy, such as counselling, a number of differences appear, not only in techniques and processes used, but also in desired outcomes. Counselling is a "talking" therapy where the client … Continue reading The Difference between Counselling and NLP therapies

Cutting Unwanted Energy Cords

Did you know that throughout our lives we become bound by invisible cords of energy that can make us feel drained, tired, unhappy, ill, or even feeling unable to let something (or someone) go in order to move on with our lives?  This energy or "psychic" cords tend to occur in various parts of our bodies (usually around our … Continue reading Cutting Unwanted Energy Cords