Exploring the Sacred Arcana Arts

After much deliberation it has been decided to run a training circle in the sacred arcana (magickal) arts that will commence just after the first full moon following the timing of the Southern Imbolc (August).  Aptly named "The Wytch's Circle", this training circle will be held over four weekly sessions and will provide participants with … Continue reading Exploring the Sacred Arcana Arts

Lughnasadh – the Wake of the Lord of the Grain

As the Wheel of the Year turns once more, those of us residing south of the equator find ourselves at the gateway to the Autumn months and the darker months of the year.  Ironically, however, this gateway tends to herald in the hottest weather as if the sun is determined to cleanse and purify the southern … Continue reading Lughnasadh – the Wake of the Lord of the Grain