The Beauty of Lakshmi and Ganesha

Through the month of February we will be chanting one of the mantras to the Hindu Goddess of beauty and abundance, Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.  The decision to commence the Monday Night Meditation circles with these two deities as that they work perfectly together, after all, they are commonly worshipped … Continue reading The Beauty of Lakshmi and Ganesha

Encountering the Dark Goddess

Do you wish to explore the inner reaches of your psyche, those hidden aspects of your Self that tends to be ignored, neglected or that which you simply do not want to acknowledge?  Psychoanalyst Carl Jung referred to such aspects of our inner selves “the Shadow”, and venturing into these uncomfortable areas is highly recommended if we are to … Continue reading Encountering the Dark Goddess

Yemaya Blessing of the Waters event

For over ten years, around the first full moon of the year, I have lead a special beach side rite that honours the Yorùbá Orisha or Goddess of the living ocean Yemaya (also spelt Yemoja and Iemoja). Originally from West Africa where her name means "Mother whose children are like fish”, Yemaya is the owner of … Continue reading Yemaya Blessing of the Waters event

When not all Darkness is Sacred (Dr Baireavee Balasubramaniam PhD)

  With the Rise of the Feminine, so many of us across the Globe have instinctively sought out and begun to honor the Suppressed, Forgotten, Dark Feminine. Be She Kali, Lilith, Hecate, Dhumavati or by any other name, Her Darkness is one that any and all on this Path instantly recognize. As I have written on multiple … Continue reading When not all Darkness is Sacred (Dr Baireavee Balasubramaniam PhD)

Women and the Moon

Following on from a discussion that was held during this week's Full Moon Meditation and Healing Circle about how the moon affects us, in particular women and our menstrual cycle, I thought I would share the following which has been adapted from Moon Cycles and Women by Nadia MacLeod. The moon, our earth's only satellite, … Continue reading Women and the Moon

August Mantra – Lakshmi

A new month means a new mantra will become the focus of the Monday Night Meditations, and the chosen mantra is that for the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity (both material and spiritual), the beautiful Lakshmi.  Her name is derived from the Sanskrit Laksya meaning "aim" or "goal". Lakshmi is depicted as a beautiful … Continue reading August Mantra – Lakshmi

Moving with the Lion’s Gate and Grand Fire Trine

What is the "Lion's Gate" or "Grand Fire Trine" you may be asking yourself?  Whilst I have heard of the second astrological term as being where a planetary pattern composed of three or more planets in a chart located at the vertices of an imaginary equilateral triangle, the first, the "Lion's Gate", was new to … Continue reading Moving with the Lion’s Gate and Grand Fire Trine

When Mercury is Retrograde

Within astrology the term "retrograde" means that a planet looks as if it is going backwards in the sky from our position on earth.  When this happens, then aspects in our life which are influenced by that particular planet are likely to also go "backwards", or appear more difficult.  As Mercury is the planet that … Continue reading When Mercury is Retrograde

July Full Moon is a Moon out of Control

The following has been adapted from a much longer article relating to the upcoming full moon has been written by Conscious Reader. The full moon on Sunday July 9, 2017 is at 17° Capricorn and is as intense as it gets. Moon and Pluto opposite Sun and Mars creates such intensely hot energy that it will be difficult … Continue reading July Full Moon is a Moon out of Control

Full Moon 9 June 2017 ~ Magic Wound (DarkStar Astrology)

The Full Moon June 2017 forms part of what the Huber school called an irritation triangle. This can cause sudden fits of anger. Since Pluto and Ceres are plugged into the ‘irritation’, outbursts in the collective will reveal where there have been abuses of power in relation to children or the vulnerable. We could see … Continue reading Full Moon 9 June 2017 ~ Magic Wound (DarkStar Astrology)