The Sacredness of Silence (Dr P.L. Masters)

There is a mystical expression that goes, “He who speaks more knows less, and he who speaks less knows more.”  If one encounters religious zealots, they are very likely to speak at great length and volume about their beliefs.  A person who is advanced in spiritual awareness knows to remain silent and let the zealot … Continue reading The Sacredness of Silence (Dr P.L. Masters)

The Power of Spiritual Connection (Dr Paul Masters)

In today’s complex world, more than ever before, so much is competing for one’s attention. It is increasingly easier to become distracted from whatever it is that a person attempts to improve or accomplish in one’s life. People living in contemporary society simply have much more to do and be responsible for than did previous … Continue reading The Power of Spiritual Connection (Dr Paul Masters)

Psychometry (Madisyn Taylor)

At times it can seem rather uncanny just how in sync the universe is with you.  During last night's Psychic Development course we talked about psychometry and this morning this message from Madisyn Taylor of Daily Om appeared.  So I thought I would share. Like you, the objects you encounter have stories to tell as … Continue reading Psychometry (Madisyn Taylor)

Spiritually Managing and Overcoming Difficult Times (Dr PL Masters)

Problems are a natural part of life which, due to their presence, create a necessity for change which in turn acts as a stimulus for spiritual growth. There are times in a person’s life when ordinary problems magnify, so much so, as to seem overwhelming. Difficult phases may be brought about by one problem, or … Continue reading Spiritually Managing and Overcoming Difficult Times (Dr PL Masters)

Mystical World of Crystals

Created over the millennia, healing crystals harness the life giving elements of the earth and the universe. Harnessing the energy of the sun, moon and oceans, these semi-precious stones connect us to earth as soon as we come into contact with them. Many people wonder if crystals have healing powers, and while there are many anecdotes … Continue reading Mystical World of Crystals

Taking Self Responsibility while Mercury is in Retrograde

Over the last few days I have noticed an increase in emails and internet messages that have been, well basically, somewhat rude and even threatening.  Is this the way we communicate to each other now - through veiled threats if our demands are not adhered to immediately?  Or are there cosmic influences at play? On … Continue reading Taking Self Responsibility while Mercury is in Retrograde

Neutralizing Negative Karma (Dr Paul Masters)

Unless spiritual steps are taken, the effects of negative karma can last a lifetime, and even beyond into other lives. Negative karma is a karmic debt that works with the law of cause and effect. If you cause something negative to happen, you acquire a karmic debt, the negative energy of which will cause a … Continue reading Neutralizing Negative Karma (Dr Paul Masters)

Self-Will versus Destiny (Dr Paul L Masters)

On this earthly plane of existence, humanity exists in a Cosmic House of Mirrors.  What seems to be reality is, in truth, but an illusion of limited five-sense perception.  If one is to understand one’s own life, one must understand life itself.  And to do this, a person must be able to discern what is … Continue reading Self-Will versus Destiny (Dr Paul L Masters)

2020 Bali Spiritual Retreat (March)

It is official.  I will be hosting the long awaited Transform the Soul spiritual retreat in March next year on the "Island of the Gods", Bali. This will be a spiritual retreat with a difference as our timing will include NYEPI, Bali's Day of Silence. Commencing on Sunday, 22 March 2020, this special six day/five … Continue reading 2020 Bali Spiritual Retreat (March)

Reincarnation and You (Dr P.L. Masters)

Have you lived previous lives?  Two-thirds of the world’s population believes they have, based on their own belief in the concept of reincarnation.  Through hypnotic past life recollection, many people claim that they have had remembrances of past lives through such regression.  Students of deeper forms of meditation have also claimed to experience visions of … Continue reading Reincarnation and You (Dr P.L. Masters)