The Effectiveness and Non-Effectiveness of Spiritual Practices (Dr. Paul Leon Masters)

Do prayers, visualizations, affirmations or other spiritual practices really work, or if they only work sometimes, why? This question is repeatedly asked by many - by those who ask for prayer, and by those who pray or use some other spiritual practice for themselves or others.  With the progression in spiritual awakening, the answers change. … Continue reading The Effectiveness and Non-Effectiveness of Spiritual Practices (Dr. Paul Leon Masters)

Letting go of Perfection

Life becomes much more interesting once we let go of our quest for perfectionand aspire for imperfection instead.It is good to remember that one of our goals in life is to not be perfect. We often lose track of this aspiration. When we make mistakes, we think that we are failing or not measuring up.  But … Continue reading Letting go of Perfection

March’s Full Moon in Virgo

I am a bit late in uploading this video however the moon will be full this evening, 18 March, at 5:47pm (ACST) and it will be in the astrological sign of Virgo. The fullness of the moon luminates what is happening with the astrological sign that it is in, and today it is Virgo - … Continue reading March’s Full Moon in Virgo

Trusting Spiritual Assistance

When we connect to higher energies for help, it is much like a phone connection which needs to be closed at the end. We may have become accustomed to asking for help from the unseen world whether from angels, guides, or ancestral spirits but sometimes we may forget to close our connection afterwards with a … Continue reading Trusting Spiritual Assistance

Starting Anew: The Metaphysical Dynamics of Beginning a New Year (Dr Paul Masters)

The beginning of each new year symbolises the possibility of a new beginning or an improvement over what was. It can be a dream or a hope of what can be. To one who is intimately involved with one’s soul in a physical sense, it can be the anticipation that divine presence will somehow touch … Continue reading Starting Anew: The Metaphysical Dynamics of Beginning a New Year (Dr Paul Masters)

New Online Event for 2022

The Goddess House invites you to come and sit in the Circle of Sisterhood. Each month we will gather online to explore an aspect of the divine feminine, through the telling of her sacred myths and discovery of her symbols before undertaking a powerful meditation in order to connect with her sacred energy. Standing in … Continue reading New Online Event for 2022

Reboot Your Life Sessions 1 October

On Friday, 1 October 2021, I will be available for::: hypnotherapy and past life regressions,:: tarot card reading guidance,:: energetic healings (Usui Reiki, Seichim and Pellowah),:: auric cleansing,:: chakra balancing using crystals and essential oils,:: emotional cord cutting …:: or an intuitive combination. Or if you feel spiritually stuck and are seeking a bit of … Continue reading Reboot Your Life Sessions 1 October

Let Us Change Things Up A Bit

The first month of 2021 has ended. January is done and dusted. We are now in February, the shortness month of the year, which derives its name not from the Roman god Februus, but from the Roman festival of purification known as Februa, during which time people were ritually washed. Before the adoption of the Latin names, … Continue reading Let Us Change Things Up A Bit

New Moon in Capricorn

The first New Moon of 2021 falls in the sign of Capricorn on 13 January here in Adelaide, and 23 degrees of Capricorn. It was at this very degree in January last year, that Saturn and Pluto aligned, and the stirrings of what was to come kicked into gear. A year later, Capricorn may very well remind … Continue reading New Moon in Capricorn