Spiritually Healing Others (Dr. Paul Leon Masters)

Nearly all teachings of a spiritual nature emphasize that the practice of spiritual healing should mostly be for spiritual self-healing. While this is true, unquestionably there are instances where even a person who is well versed in spiritual healing practices may find the need to reach out to another person for spiritual healing assistance. As … Continue reading Spiritually Healing Others (Dr. Paul Leon Masters)

Understanding Karma (Dr Paul Masters)

Karma has been linked in people’s minds to a common explanation for the good or the bad experienced in human life. The word karma itself simply means action. That action can be positive or negative. The acts of today create the fortune or misfortune of the future.  The Bible’s words, “As you sow, so shall … Continue reading Understanding Karma (Dr Paul Masters)

2019 – The Year of Creative Self Expression

Now that Christmas is over, we find ourselves gearing up for New Year's Eve and 2019.  Aside from resolutions that barely last the night out, what else will the year 2019 bring? If we look at the upcoming year from a numerological perspective, we notice one thing straight away - that being that Universal Year … Continue reading 2019 – The Year of Creative Self Expression

Manifest Your Dreams in 2019

As 2018 draws to a close, how has this year treated you?  Have you achieved all that you envisioned that you wanted to achieve this year?  Or are you feeling somewhat deflated that yet another year will soon be passing, once again leaving you wondering:  "Is this all there is?" The truth of the matter … Continue reading Manifest Your Dreams in 2019

The Reciprocal Flow of Abundance

Whilst going through previous blogs that I have maintained over the years, I came across this article from Daily Om about being open to the endless ebb and flow and abundance.  How appropriate, I thought, as "that" time of the year, ie Christmas festive season, is upon us.  A time when we often over-indulge not … Continue reading The Reciprocal Flow of Abundance

Discovering Your Own Life’s Purpose (Dr P.L. Masters)

Knowing your soul’s purpose is the most important key to living a happy life. Without knowing your soul’s life purpose there is no meaning to one’s life. Without meaning in your life, there can be no lasting happiness. It is knowing, and then living your soul’s life purpose that gives your life meaning, and through … Continue reading Discovering Your Own Life’s Purpose (Dr P.L. Masters)

Being Emotionally Mature (Dr P.L. Masters)

As we travel through life, one thing becomes very apparent when observing people in general, and that is how few have actually become emotionally mature. Most, it seems, have never grown up emotionally. While their bodies may pose an adult image, juvenile childishness often remains hidden within, awaiting the next event in life that will … Continue reading Being Emotionally Mature (Dr P.L. Masters)

A Day of Spiritual Spring Healing

Prior to me taking time out to meditate near the sacred Granges River at a Himalayan ashram, I have decided to offer a day of REBOOT YOUR LIFE healing sessions on Saturday, 15 September 2018.  Considering this date falls a week out from the Spring Equinox what a perfect way to treat yourself to some … Continue reading A Day of Spiritual Spring Healing

Meditating Your Way to Success (Dr Paul Masters)

Meditators have a far greater chance of living successful lives, according to Dr Paul Masters.   There are numerous reasons for this, as we will explore.  Deep meditation, such as that practiced by yogis and mystics down through the ages, is the type of meditation to which Dr Masters is referring to in this article. … Continue reading Meditating Your Way to Success (Dr Paul Masters)

Cutting Unwanted Emotional Cords

Sometimes the emotions we are feeling belong to the person we are in a connection with, and an energetic cord must be severed. In every relationship, people are constantly exchanging energy that can become a chord connecting two people. This energetic cord forms just below the breastbone and can remain long after a relationship has … Continue reading Cutting Unwanted Emotional Cords