Past Life Regression (Madisyn Taylor)

The effects of a past life can manifest in your current life in many ways but should be used as a tool, not an excuse. Inside our subconscious lie our memories from past lives.  Though we seldom remember even having lived these past lives, the experiences we had living them have had a hand in … Continue reading Past Life Regression (Madisyn Taylor)

Evolution of the Soul – Life Lessons through Reincarnation (Madisyn Taylor)

Often we reincarnate on earth with our soul family and often our most intense relationships are with our soul family. You meet someone for the first time and feel as if you know them already.  You are in a town that you’ve never been to before, yet you recognize streets and buildings. You start playing … Continue reading Evolution of the Soul – Life Lessons through Reincarnation (Madisyn Taylor)

2020 Bali Spiritual Retreat (March)

It is official.  I will be hosting the long awaited Transform the Soul spiritual retreat in March next year on the "Island of the Gods", Bali. This will be a spiritual retreat with a difference as our timing will include NYEPI, Bali's Day of Silence. Commencing on Sunday, 22 March 2020, this special six day/five … Continue reading 2020 Bali Spiritual Retreat (March)

Self-Awareness: 11 Ways to Increase It in an Unconscious World (Mateo Sol)

Self-awareness is the ability to introspect and be aware of your own thoughts, feelings, impulses, physical sensations, and behaviors. At a basic level, self-awareness is the ability to pay attention to who you are and what makes you tick. At more complex levels, self-awareness involves developing an understanding of your deeper beliefs, inner wounds, mental … Continue reading Self-Awareness: 11 Ways to Increase It in an Unconscious World (Mateo Sol)

Breaking Family Cycles (Madisyn Taylor)

Breaking your family patterns may be the most important work you do and the most challenging. It is easy to believe that in leaving our childhood homes and embarking upon the journey of adulthood, we have effectively removed ourselves from harmful and self-perpetuating familial patterns. In looking closely at ourselves, however, we may discover that … Continue reading Breaking Family Cycles (Madisyn Taylor)

Becoming the Person You want to Become

How attached are you to the person you are or have been compared to the person you wish to become? Is this attachment to the past what is holding you back? You need to completely trust and surrender to the transformation process in order for it to be successful. You need to be 100% willing … Continue reading Becoming the Person You want to Become

Being Spiritually Tested (Dr P.L. Masters)

Have you ever felt that you were being spiritually tested? It is not uncommon for a person to sense that they are being put to the test spiritually by a divine power, or your higher self. As in blaming one’s karma for making something happen, so too, for many, being spiritually tested seems to offer … Continue reading Being Spiritually Tested (Dr P.L. Masters)

Spiritually Healing Others (Dr. Paul Leon Masters)

Nearly all teachings of a spiritual nature emphasize that the practice of spiritual healing should mostly be for spiritual self-healing. While this is true, unquestionably there are instances where even a person who is well versed in spiritual healing practices may find the need to reach out to another person for spiritual healing assistance. As … Continue reading Spiritually Healing Others (Dr. Paul Leon Masters)

Protecting Oneself from Negative Energy (Dr P. Masters)

Every day of your life, you live in a world of energy. Whatever seems solid is, in actuality, a vibrating field of energy. From human beings and other life forms to even inanimate objects such as rocks, all are really a vibrating field of energy, including the very earth upon which we stand. The human … Continue reading Protecting Oneself from Negative Energy (Dr P. Masters)

Yemaya Blessing of the Waters Event

 For over 10 years, around the first full moon of the new year, I have lead a special beach side rite that honours the Yorùbá Orisha or Goddess of the living ocean Yemaya (also spelt Yemoja and Iemoja). Originally from West Africa where her name means "Mother whose children are like fish”, Yemaya is the owner … Continue reading Yemaya Blessing of the Waters Event