Gathering of Women for Sister Moon Circles

Sister Moon Circles are sacred spaces for women that are held once a month on the Friday evening prior to or just after the New Moon. Together we will awaken our connection to the Divine Self, discover inner peace and personal healing, and empower each other through embracing what it truly means to be a woman in the 21st century. … Continue reading Gathering of Women for Sister Moon Circles

Exploring the shadow self with the “Encountering the Dark Goddess” workshop (June 2017)

Encountering the Dark Goddess is an exploration into your deep shadow self through the connection with various “darker” aspects of the Divine Feminine in order to commence positive change at the deepest level. This workshop presents you with the unique opportunity to step through the veil and into the realm of the Inner Self, to … Continue reading Exploring the shadow self with the “Encountering the Dark Goddess” workshop (June 2017)

April Meditation – Tara

Having commenced the new numerological "9" year cycle with the Ganesha mantra in order to remove lingering outdated energies from the previous cycle; then following this with the liberating Vajriyogini mantra throughout March in order to bring clarity of thought and vision, it is time to sit and allow our energies (and lives) to realign … Continue reading April Meditation – Tara

“Be True to Self and Be Free” (Radiant Living)

March has a key theme – ‘be true to self and be free’. Yet the race is on to avoid becoming trapped in the ‘disoriented self’ if we misunderstand or misuse the ‘self energy’ that is prevalent this year, particularly this March. Strong, powerful Black Moon Lilith (archetype of authentic truth) is in fire sign … Continue reading “Be True to Self and Be Free” (Radiant Living)

Vajrayogini – the Essence of All Buddhas

Vajrayoginī is the wild spirit found within Buddhism.  Being a tantric deity and dakini ("sky dancer"), she is the one who dances ecstatically in the clear blue sky of śūnyata (the void). Also known as "Wrathful Lady", Vajrayoginī is usually depicted blood red in colour, standing naked except for elaborate ornaments of human bone, and a necklace of skulls, corresponding to the … Continue reading Vajrayogini – the Essence of All Buddhas

Special Event for International Women’s Day

International Women's Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women and takes place every year on 8th March. This year on Wednesday, 8 March 2017, the Isian Centre of Metaphysics will be holding a special MEDITATION ON THE SACREDNESS OF THE FEMININE DIVINE to celebrate International Women's Day. This special women's only … Continue reading Special Event for International Women’s Day

During an Aquarian Moon

When the first Sister Moon Circle for 2017 takes place on Friday, 27th January, it will held when the moon is in the astrological sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer.  With the actual timing of the New Moon taking place on the 28th, this Aquarian nature invites you to explore your unconventional qualities and to … Continue reading During an Aquarian Moon

Summer Solstice in Australia

As the seasonal wheel turns and with the sun entering the astrological sign of Capricorn, today marks the time the Summer Solstice here in Adelaide, the longest day.  In fact, at 9:14pm this evening we would have experienced some four hours and 42 more minutes than at the Winter Solstice in June. Within various Pagan traditions, the divine … Continue reading Summer Solstice in Australia

The Dark Goddess is Returning

She is known as Persephone, Kali, Oya, Pele, Baba Yaga, Hekate, Cerridwen, Lilith, Morgana, Ereshkigal, Inanna, Tiamat, and by many other names. She is also the Shadowy One, the Keeper of the Secrets and the Cauldron of Inner Knowledge, the Life Transformer, the Mover and Shaker, the Sorceress.  She haunts your dreams, holds the mirror up … Continue reading The Dark Goddess is Returning