Past and Present Life Regressions – Thursday, 19 May 2022

If you are interested in unlocking your future by understanding the keys of your past, then a Past and Present Life Regression could enable you to do just that. This Thursday, 19 May 2022, I will available for full 90 minute Past and Present Life Regressions that will allow you to be guided back in … Continue reading Past and Present Life Regressions – Thursday, 19 May 2022

Rare Event is Happening Today

A rather rare astrological event has taken place today whereby Jupiter (the planet of opportunity, growth, optimism and solutions) formed a rare conjunction with Neptune (the planet of escapism, release, relief and holidays from reality) in the astrological sign of Pisces. The last time this occurred was way back in 1856. Jupiter, the “Great Benefic”, … Continue reading Rare Event is Happening Today

New Course in Spiritual and Psychic Development

Sacred Journeying is a six part course that offers a practical exploration into the realms of spiritual development, exploring the possibilities that lie beyond the material universe.  This is done by the development of awareness of realities that exist beyond the confines of space and time. Commencing on Friday, 22 April 2021. This practical course will focus … Continue reading New Course in Spiritual and Psychic Development

Monday Night Meditation Returns

Meditation is the integral part of any spiritual practice as it is through regular practice that you are able to cleanse and nourish your body from within, thus developing the ability to calm your mind whenever your feel overwhelmed, unstable or even emotionally shut down. These feelings of inner peace and calmness can then be emitted … Continue reading Monday Night Meditation Returns

A Numerological Look at 2022

With this year speeding towards its end, what will be new year bring? A much promised reprieve from what seems to be a never ending pandemic, or much of the same of what we have experienced? When looking at the new year solely from a numerological perspective, there are a number of interesting things we … Continue reading A Numerological Look at 2022

New Online Event for 2022

The Goddess House invites you to come and sit in the Circle of Sisterhood. Each month we will gather online to explore an aspect of the divine feminine, through the telling of her sacred myths and discovery of her symbols before undertaking a powerful meditation in order to connect with her sacred energy. Standing in … Continue reading New Online Event for 2022

Summer Solstice Raffle Now Available

The Spring Equinox has just passed so it is rather difficult to think about the summer solstice. However, as Christmas decorations have now appeared in the shops, so I guess it is perfect timing to announce that this year I have decided to run a Summer Solstice Raffle. There are four wonderful prizes to win … Continue reading Summer Solstice Raffle Now Available

Journey into Freedom with Kali

Kali, the Hindu Dark Mother, is the fierce face of the divine feminine. Her unbound wildness taunts us, filling us with wonder as well as with dread. She promises ultimate freedom from our earthly constraints, yet we fear to relinquish our grip on the familiar, all the while knowing that the longer we hang on … Continue reading Journey into Freedom with Kali