Saturn Direct : Farewell Scorpio it’s been real (Asha Maria)

Cry in relief folks, for most of us it has been brutal. Thanks for the lessons Lord Saturn, but happy to move forward now. I am definitely a lot tougher than at the beginning of this cycle but ooh, ouch – oof! Weren’t those lessons so hard? Since Nov 2014 it’s been a ride through … Continue reading Saturn Direct : Farewell Scorpio it’s been real (Asha Maria)

33 Symptoms of Cosmic Upgrades triggered by Solar Eclipse Gateway (awakening5dhealing)

The 21st August solar eclipse marks the crest of a tidal wave of higher frequencies washing through us. There have been peaks and troughs as we have been pulled and pushed, up and down and all around the frequency spectrum. The opening of the Lions Gate portal on 8.8.17, accelerated by the powerful ascended masters energy of … Continue reading 33 Symptoms of Cosmic Upgrades triggered by Solar Eclipse Gateway (awakening5dhealing)

This week’s Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse August 21 2017 falls at 28º Leo decan 3, according to Darkstar Astrology, and while this eclipse will not be available from Australia, it is still important to take note of its influences and energies. Darkstar Astrology indicates that this is the big one, the Solar Eclipse on one of the royal … Continue reading This week’s Solar Eclipse

Divine Feminine Solar Eclipse Portal (Gail Swanson)

As we move through the powerful energies leading up to the Solar Eclipse all is escalating within and without. We are in a divine acceleration process. Where you focus your attention is of the utmost importance. This is a time where all we have experienced up to this point is crucial in our staying balanced … Continue reading Divine Feminine Solar Eclipse Portal (Gail Swanson)

Women and the Moon

Following on from a discussion that was held during this week's Full Moon Meditation and Healing Circle about how the moon affects us, in particular women and our menstrual cycle, I thought I would share the following which has been adapted from Moon Cycles and Women by Nadia MacLeod. The moon, our earth's only satellite, … Continue reading Women and the Moon

Moving with the Lion’s Gate and Grand Fire Trine

What is the "Lion's Gate" or "Grand Fire Trine" you may be asking yourself?  Whilst I have heard of the second astrological term as being where a planetary pattern composed of three or more planets in a chart located at the vertices of an imaginary equilateral triangle, the first, the "Lion's Gate", was new to … Continue reading Moving with the Lion’s Gate and Grand Fire Trine

When Mercury is Retrograde

Within astrology the term "retrograde" means that a planet looks as if it is going backwards in the sky from our position on earth.  When this happens, then aspects in our life which are influenced by that particular planet are likely to also go "backwards", or appear more difficult.  As Mercury is the planet that … Continue reading When Mercury is Retrograde

July Full Moon is a Moon out of Control

The following has been adapted from a much longer article relating to the upcoming full moon has been written by Conscious Reader. The full moon on Sunday July 9, 2017 is at 17° Capricorn and is as intense as it gets. Moon and Pluto opposite Sun and Mars creates such intensely hot energy that it will be difficult … Continue reading July Full Moon is a Moon out of Control

Chiron Retrograde – Unifying The Parts

Chiron turns retrograde on July 1st at 28 degrees Pisces. You have a five-month window of opportunity to dive into the healing waters of Chiron and clean any wounds that stop you from integrating all the parts of yourself, and become a whole healthy human being. There is no wonder the Chiron’s symbol is a … Continue reading Chiron Retrograde – Unifying The Parts