A Guide to Psychic Protection

psychic-energy-protectionMankind has always felt the presence of negativity. Frightening dreams, mental illness, fatigue and just plain old bad luck are all caused by the presence of negativity in our lives. In ancient times, negativity was believed to have been caused by demons and evil spirits. Today we know that the causes of negativity are many, and that perspective plays a large part in its existence. Sometimes “bad luck” is actually a karmic process of cleansing, but because such a process is generally misunderstood, such a cleansing process is seen as negativity. Any form of anger or violence will generate negative energies that can be felt long after the actual act has passed.

Other people can be sources of negativity to us, even though they may mean no harm. They drain us of our vitality, leaving us with little energy. These people are known as “psychic vampires”, and most of them are unaware of what they are doing. Heavy paranoia and extreme pessimism will also create tangible negative energies, either from others or our own selves.

Regardless of the possible causes of negativity, the acknowledgment of its existence is what is important to the magical practitioner. Simply examining the sources of negativity will not make it go away – denying it access to your personal power will. Psychic protection will help you to do this, on the spiritual, mental and physical levels.

Psychic Attacks

A psychic attack is the perception of an energy or entity that intends you harm on the physical or spiritual level. People perceive it many different ways, but harmful intent is the common factor. Usually such energy is unintentional, but there are some people with malicious intent. Anger, fear and frustration can charge words and thoughts with power, regardless of whether the person believes in magic or not. When you criticise someone else out of jealousy, or wish harm on someone in the future, even jokingly, you are making an attack of sorts.

Harmful energy can manifest as bad dreams or visions, sudden pain, losing important objects when you are not prone to losing things, or having accidents when you are not accident prone. Sudden random sickness when you were perfectly healthy and even depression could be signs of a psychic attack if they appear for no apparent reason. If such things happen to you, one of the first things you should do is to check your own consciousness to make sure that you are not the root of the problem. Self-awareness and introspection are the keys, and this is why keeping an honest magical diary and learning to meditate are important. They provide you with avenues to ask yourself why you are drawing this experience to you in the first place, regardless of who instigated it.

There are certain unwanted energies are not connected to a physical being. They are perceived as spiritual entities. If you feel an unsettling presence or sometimes “see” strange images when doing magical work then there may be such an entity about. Whilst they are not necessarily evil, but can unsettle you if you let them.

The last source of an attack is you. If you think that you are cursed or under attack, then Universe will respond in that way. Like attracts like. The majority of psychic attacks were self-create illusions, but if you feel an attack is real, then it is real, regardless of the source. The key to defeating such attacks is to first check in your own consciousness. Ask yourself if you are the source of your own problems. Often we are, even though we probably would not like to admit it. If you are centred in your power, then most “attacks” should wash off you like water off a duck’s back. Where is the weakness you need to work on for your personal growth? What is the experience teaching you? The answer to these questions will help solve your problem.

Protection Methods

  • Protection charms: As the Law of Symbolism points out, many symbols have a power beyond our conscious knowledge and have been used throughout the ages for protection. In this day, the Christian cross is a symbol of God’s protection. Before it, the equal-armed cross, a symbol of sacredness and balance, was a protective symbol. Certain minerals and crystals are known for their protective properties. Sea salt is used in many charms. Iron grounds harmful energy like a lightning rod. Dark crystals, such as obsidian, smoky quartz and onyx are protective. Fluorite helps amplify your energy field to create a protective boundary or border. It also cleanses your energy field of harmful energy, like an energy purifier.
  • Incense: Frankincense, myrrh, white sage, cedar and copal have all been used as forms of purification and protection.
  • Herbs including lavender, cinnamon, cloves, pine and eucalyptus all have purification properties.
  • Tower of Light exercise.
  • Calling on your personal Spiritual Guardians.
  • Ritual cleansing of area and ritual bathing of self.
  • Wards: More complicated protection shields, usually visualised as domes or pyramids, are called “wards”. A simple method of creating a ward around your house is to circle the land with a ring of salt, then bury protective herbs and crystals in key places. Some people also invite guardian spirits, including dragons and wolves, to also guard their homes.
  • Burying protective herbs and crystals in key places

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