Submission Call for The Witch’s Year

Since Dancing the Sacred Wheel was first published in 2012, my personal practices of working the Wheel of the Year in the Southern Hemisphere as well as my connection with the land upon which I reside has evolved.  While the traditional eight sabbats still form an underlying influence to what I personally do, I have continued to look beyond the standard meanings, evolving and shaping the associated myths, as well as how I observe things.

The Witch’s Year (working title) aims to be an extension to Dancing the Sacred Wheel as well as being separate from it. Not only will it include my additional discoveries and explorations since 2012, I would like to include the personal ideas, discoveries and even frustrations from other pagans, witches, druids and other earth-centric practitioners as to how they work with the sabbats outside the traditional framework, regardless of what hemisphere they reside in.

Suggestions for possible contributions include, but are not limited to: essays (up to 5,000 words), invocations, poetry, rituals, short fiction, and artwork around working with the Wheel of the Year outside the traditional eight sabbats.

People who are interested in contributing towards this anthology are encouraged to explore the various ways of working the traditional seasonal myths and symbols found within certain spiritual practices, the possible rewriting of additional myths or symbols, the substitution of other seasonal stories, the inclusion of indigenous practices, local flora and fauna, and much more.

All works submitted must be original, not plagiarized or public domain.  Academic articles must provide proper citation for all sources used.  The preferred citation styles for this anthology are MLA (see the Western Sydney University Reference Guide or APA (see Murdoch University Guide).   Please do not use auto-generated footnotes. 

Previously published submissions are acceptable, as long as the author retains all rights.  The author will continue to retain all rights to any submissions accepted for this anthology.  Upon acceptance, the author must complete the permission to publish form, including a brief author biography to be included in the anthology.

The editor reserves the right to make editorial changes to the spelling, grammar, and formatting of submissions where appropriate.  The editor may also ask the contributor to make modifications to the submission/s.  The editor may reject submissions, as necessary.  Contributors will be sent a preview .pdf of the manuscript, and will have one week to send any suggested corrections to the editor.

Please note that no monetary compensation will be provided. Accepted contributors will receive a contributor’s copy of the book, with the option to order as many additional copies of the book as they would like at cost during the pre-order period to sell or gift as they wish.

Multiple submissions are welcome.  Please send all submissions in the body of the email or as .doc, docx., .rtf, or .jpg, attachments.

Proposed Release Date: Early 2023

Please send your submissions to by 30 November 2022 with the book title in your subject line.  Please note that late submissions or corrections may not be accepted.