Our Journey with Kali Begins

Today saw the commencement of Journey into Freedom with Kali, an online sadhana (spiritual practice) that focuses around working with the Hindu Dark Mother, Kali.

Over the following 21 days, participants will explore the sacred myths and practices, undergo meditations and various sacred devotional practices that will help bring them to connect with this powerful goddess on a deep soul level in order to bring about ultimate change.

Unbeknown to me when I set the start date of this sadhana, that the cosmic Kali, the asteroid Kaali, will be playing a part, as Pippa Kate points out in the following video.

According to Pippa Kate, Kali is the primal feminine energy (Shakti) that loves us so unconditionally she will take us through the fire in order for us to burn through our ‘impurities of the mind’. She speaks truth from a place of love. So this is a week of taking responsibility for yourself, and stepping up into a greater sense of truth (which will set you free).

You can still take part in the Journey into Freedom with Kali, as registrations remain open until Saturday, 6 August 2022. For more information, please visit here.