Why Life? The Purpose of It All (Dr Paul Masters)

What’s the meaning . . . the purpose to it all?

With the exception of philosophers, theologians, and a few deep thinkers, most people live their lives without questioning—why?  Be it ever so briefly, why does tend to surface in most people’s lives at the time of some life-changing event which greatly impacts their emotions, such as a transition (that is, death), a painful or crippling illness or accident, the tragedies of war, and similar experiences which shake the foundations of an otherwise structured life.

When things are going right, a person gets caught up in the positive quality of life and feels no need to question.  However, when things go painfully wrong, a person questions.  If life contains so many experiences that are filled with pain and sorrow, why live at all?

Beautiful moments are times to experience life without question, while painful ones invoke the question—why?  Why can’t life simply be all pleasure—just an endless series of blessings?  Why all the misery in the world?  Are moments of misery necessary to better appreciate the good?

So very many have tried to answer such questions in order to bring meaning and purpose to their lives.  Is a Higher Reality attempting to teach its creations certain lessons, or – as some have speculated – is the divine testing their spiritual resolve or commitment?

When a human being merges from divine consciousness, the divine source has seemingly individualized into a form.  And this form—or more specifically, a thought form within the mind of the divine— can seem to fall away from Oneness with the divine mind. It seems to have formed what it believes to be an individual—separate and apart from its creator. But in truth, it has never left the mind of the divine in which it was created and resides.

The moment separateness takes over the consciousness of the human thought form in the mind of the divine, is the moment that separateness—the false personal ego identity—takes over the form. Then, separateness and duality rule the mind. Duality breeds contrasts: heat and cold, pleasure and pain, war and peace, wellness and sickness, love or loneliness.  What eventually follows is the human and earth dimension of consciousness, where the ultimate one life and the reality of the divine is substituted with an illusion of living a human and earth dimensional life.

But why?

For a moment imagine a vast consciousness—a Universal Mind or Spirit—that is inactive.  It knows its own existence, but it is inactive and simply—IS.  It is Allness, a Oneness or Union of All; and in that Allness of Union there is LOVE—the full Beingness of Love as a result of Absolute Union.

There is a cosmic stillness, a Beingness of Love unexpressed.  

Imagine now this State of Love, which simply is, but is unexpressed.  For if All is Absolute Union or Love, then to whom or what can it express it?  Love or Absolute Union is Alone.  Though it is everything, it is still Alone.  To express, therefore, Love must create.  Yet it cannot create anything apart from itself, for it is All.  Therefore, Love creates an illusion of something that appears to be separate, but in Truth, is not.

First, Light is manifested within the Unmanifested.  The Light gives the illusion of dividing Itself.  All the divisions of light give a further illusion of individual entities.  Yet, because the Light is so active in these entities, they still know that they are part of the divine, living within the divine, as the divine lives within them. They are individualized expressions of the divine’s Beingness of Love or Absolute Union.

So what is the Universal or Eternal bottom line?

Keep the Divine Remembrance. Maintain a remembrance or an awareness that all that has been described is still simply an illusion, one illusion giving birth to other illusions. In Truth, stripped away of all illusions, only the One Universal Life or Mind or Spirit—which is the divine—exists.

So WHY life, at least life as mortals comprehend it?  So that the divine, allness, and total union as total love may express Love. To express, the divine must create. And Being All, it must create within Itself. The divine as Love can express love to and through its creations, and in turn, be loved or acknowledged as presence.

Life and Creation is Eternal Love. This is the Meaning and Purpose of Life.

Masters, Dr. Paul Leon, Mystical Insights: Knowing the Unknown (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)