Rare Event is Happening Today

A rather rare astrological event has taken place today whereby Jupiter (the planet of opportunity, growth, optimism and solutions) formed a rare conjunction with Neptune (the planet of escapism, release, relief and holidays from reality) in the astrological sign of Pisces. The last time this occurred was way back in 1856.

Jupiter, the “Great Benefic”, meeting Neptune (named after the Roman God of the seas) is a paradox in the making as Jupiter expands while Neptune dissolves – Jupiter offers abundance while Neptune encourages us to think beyond the physical constraints, inviting us to let down our guard and become one with the universe through spirituality, and creativity. In this tug of war is Neptune who appears to be the winner, being the planetary ruler of the dreamy, enchanted watery astrological sign of Pisces.

What does all this mean? I guess it depends on what angle your favourite astrologer takes. In this video I mention the work of two that I personally follow – Pam Gregory and Molly McCord.

Aliza Kelly recommends using your discretion during this time, especially if something sounds too good to be true, because it usually is. They also mention being aware of exaggerations and straight-up lies that will be circulating (not good news as Australia’s election has been officially called).

A solution for a safe passion through this Jupiter-Neptune delusion is developing the art of simply saying “No”. Do not be afraid of setting limits, establishing boundaries, or simply take the time especially if big decisions need to be made.