Psychic Energy, Momentum, and Success (Dr Paul Masters)

There’s an old cliché that says that most people do not succeed because they have nothing going for them. Others feel frustrated with their lives for lack of movement; all seems stale and motionless. Philosophically, psychologically, and spiritually it is indeed true that most individuals in today’s world are living lives of quiet frustration, with little to ignite or kindle the flame of the human spirit within them. It is as if life is one perpetual stalemate.

Life is lived, but only as a mechanical facade. Hope and optimism are perceived as the fantasizing of one’s childhood, replaced with an adult reality that diminishes a childlike wonderment as to life’s possibilities. Many feel almost trapped in a vacuum-like existence where only despair seems predictable. In such a state, people feel that their lives are at a halt, and that no matter what they seem to do, they do not appear to move from the same frustrating spot which has become all too familiar, with its demonstrations of barren productivity.

Living in the manner described above is not living, of course, but merely existing. With many, the longer such an existence continues, the more entrenched they seem to become within it. It is almost as if some force, power, or energy seems to hold their life in check preventing it from moving from its present point to any new avenues of experience and subsequent improvement.

The majority of people will find all types of things to blame, whether it is placed at the doorstep of general conditions in the environment in which they exist, or at the feet of others. The point is that the blame is passed rather than handled.

In reality, as with almost everything in life, the fault does not lie with others, but with oneself. The world has not ganged up on anyone, but rather, all human beings living in a free society are their own jailers, confining themselves and their existence to the drabness of lackluster living. Facing themselves is not an alternative prospect for most people, simply because most people do not find anything attractive or appealing about their inner self. This of course is only true if a person perceives no more than the surface, psychological level of their existence.

However, with a spiritual penetration into our innermost reality, the transcendent beauty of the divine spirit emerges to life. When we go beyond the mortal perspective of ourselves, we receive new answers to the questions of, “Who and what am I?”

With spiritual self-realization comes the reality that all feelings of being trapped, limited or confined are illusions of the physical senses. With reality there comes the knowledge that the human soul is always in flight, forever soaring upward on the wings of spirit.

Becoming free of the delusions that seem to bind us to a life without life necessitates obtaining liberty from the illusions that we may be “fated” to live the majority of our lives in only one fashion. When life or hope feels meaningless, it is because life itself seems meaningless to the person experiencing it. Individuals may swallow themselves up in an inner void that leaves them with little in the way of optimism.

To free ourselves of what has been a self-imposed prison requires breaking out of a psychic energy force, an energy thought field that is an accumulation of all thought of limitation that we have perceived about ourselves over a period of time, whether for as little as a few days, or for many years.

To accomplish this means that a person must begin to neutralize the thought energy force field surrounding oneself and create a more powerful force of psychic energy than has been holding one back. They must also be willing to accept whatever new responsibilities present themselves.

This is important, as the greater majority of people may want to break out of the non-movement that exists in their lives, but they are unwilling, consciously or unconsciously, to accept the new responsibilities that change will bring.

The Universe itself began in the mind of the divine and in the same fashion as individuals, our universe begins with what we most entertain in our minds on a daily basis. If a person is to be successful in any of the major areas of human life, such as finances, health, love, and the like, a newness of mind is required.

Source: Masters, Dr. Paul Leon, The Theocentric Way of Life, Volume 4: Module 40 (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016).