March’s Full Moon in Virgo

I am a bit late in uploading this video however the moon will be full this evening, 18 March, at 5:47pm (ACST) and it will be in the astrological sign of Virgo.

The fullness of the moon luminates what is happening with the astrological sign that it is in, and today it is Virgo – a sign known for its planning, organisation and management, but also connected with relationships.

This moon will be the last in the current astrological cycle and Pisces is connected with water, emotions and also illusions or things that maybe our conscious mind is not able to make any sense of. Therefore, it is important to trust our intuition, and even look below the surface.

As the energies are building, it can also feel like we are in the starter’s blocks, ready to finally run that race that we have been preparing for. This race, connecting us with the North Node in Taurus, is about our future direction, foundation, and connections.

If we have been working with the astrological energies over the last couple of years, we have been encouraged to release, reset, release and reset some more. We are now on the verge of creating our new future.