Aphrodite and The Goddess House

The Goddess House invites you to come and sit in the Circle of Sisterhood.

Each month we will gather online to explore an aspect of the divine feminine, through the telling of her sacred myths and discovery of her symbols before undertaking a powerful meditation in order to connect with her sacred energy.

Standing in her presence, we will learn how to utilise her sacred symbols as keys to unlock and (re)awaken gifts with ourselves.

Through learning her sacred myths, we gain a deeper insight into how we can embody her energy in our own lives.

February Goddess Circle – Aphrodite of the Seas.

We will look at relationships, especially with our own selves, focus on healing our heart centre (anahata), and undertake the internal sacred marriage, the Hieros Gamos.

Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm ACST (Adelaide time)

Held online. Zoom link will be provided upon registration.

Book your place here.

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