Starting Anew: The Metaphysical Dynamics of Beginning a New Year (Dr Paul Masters)

The beginning of each new year symbolises the possibility of a new beginning or an improvement over what was. It can be a dream or a hope of what can be. To one who is intimately involved with one’s soul in a physical sense, it can be the anticipation that divine presence will somehow touch one’s life with increased blessings of some kind in the new Year.

To most people, a new year does indeed present an opportunity for positive expectation, that somehow, in some way, the possibility exists that things will be better. In order for such dreams and wishes to become realities, the mind must adopt an attitude and state of consciousness that is expectant of improvement, both inwardly and outwardly, and willing to take the action necessary to give energy to one’s thoughts in the day-to-day world of one’s environment.

There are numerous factors that contribute to one finding oneself in a position of starting anew.  Metaphysically, each new start symbolises the karmic release from something that was necessary to one’s human life experience, and the need to progress to the next step of one’s personal soul evolution. This is very difficult for most people to do, since there is a human need to attempt to hold on to or cling to what has been.  Starting anew, for many people, is only a last resort and something that they do not do cheerfully.

Resistance is psychologically understandable, as people may find themselves reacting internally to the fear of the unknown while clinging to the security that exists within the confines of familiarity. Starting anew encompasses many unanswered questions that threaten one’s sense of sameness. In the more surface human levels of the mind, the choice may be to leave well enough alone, even though what constitutes well enough may be far from what might be a necessary part of evolution.

To experience expansion and growth in a new year, you must believe in your heart that you can. No surface, casual, simple wishing will make it so. The mind responds to the power of your belief because belief becomes faith when the basis of belief is enforced by a spiritual premise to give its possibility credence.

It requires a newness of spirit to sublimate the uncertainties of old patterns of thought into a new dynamic energy able to lift one beyond what has been to what can be. In short, the need is to be fueled by the fire of one’s own spirit or, more specifically, the spirit that is the presence of divine within oneself.

The chains of psychological dependency to the past can melt away when contacted by the pure white heat of one’s own soul.  An internal cleansing, as it were, takes place, to give newness to the mind.

The mind must concentrate its focus on the present and future, and not on the past and what has been. Along with a willingness to let go of the past, you must be more aware and conscious of your own spiritual reality.  Concisely stated, you must grow. It is more likely for growth to come correctly and readily when you are aware of and using the divine aspect of your mind.

You must consider yourself in a different position than you were in years past and regard the differences as positive, because with more living and experience, you have grown to be wiser and more aware than in the past. In order to confirm that you are a different person in a positive way, you will put your consciousness into action: make new choices and do new things that you did not take on in the past.

To activate this resolution, it is suggested that you look into yourself, into the divine aspect of your mind, so that you may be intuitively guided to know what new directions, activities, thoughts, and decisions you should implement. The realisation must be present in your mind that repeating identical lifestyle experiences of past years, without introducing anything new, will prevent you from truly starting a new year in a way that will set positive dynamics into motion.

The divine presence alone, within oneself, can reveal the purpose of one’s soul and the newness that must be its experience.  This far supersedes the surface level of the mind. Such revelation does take place, whether in the twinkling of an eye or over a lengthy period so that further experience can occur. This enables the mind to comprehend that its real life is the presence and purpose of the soul, and that the soul is an individualized manifestation of spirit. If we are to be rescued from a jail-like existence in our own mind, we must receive the inspiration of the divine from the sanctuary of our heart.

In your consciousness, you must firmly establish that you will let your higher conscious self guide you in doing new things and taking new directions. With faith that your higher self will intuitively guide you, resolve within yourself that you will put into action those choices, directions, and activities that you have had an interest in doing, but for one reason or another, have not executed.

The closer that one is to their own higher conscious self, the greater the possibility that the person’s soul will touch the universal spirit whose nature, being part of constant renewal, will infuse the soul with the energy of its newness.  It will thus translate that newness of divine energy into thought that is discernible to one’s conscious mind as an inspiration to enliven one’s sense of life and living to start anew.

Source: Dr. Paul Leon Masters, The Theocentric Way of Life (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)

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