A Numerological Look at 2022

With this year speeding towards its end, what will be new year bring? A much promised reprieve from what seems to be a never ending pandemic, or much of the same of what we have experienced?

When looking at the new year solely from a numerological perspective, there are a number of interesting things we notice. Not only do the numbers add up to “6”, but it contains three “2”s, as well as a master number.

“6” is a number associated with the embodiment of the heart, unconditional love, compassion and empathy. It symbolises symmetry and harmony, a reminder of bringing things in to perfect balance.

“2” is a number associated with duality, polarity, partnerships.

The master number “22” is referred to as the “Master Builder” or the “Master Architect”, built on the foundation (“4”). The Master Builder creates something from nothing – not simply for self-fulfillment but also to bring joy and success to the lives of other people. The sacred energies emanating from “22” are often conserved for the greatest good of not just humankind, but the whole of the Universe.

These combinations encouraged me to get out my notes from when I studied esoteric numerology back in the 1990s to see what other insights could be hiding amongst the numbers, the result of which is in this video.

Reflecting back over our journey together with this pandemic, it seems as if the first year brought us together, not only as a nation but also as a global community. We were reminding each other that we were “all in this together”. This second year, however, saw a shift happen as we started to tear each other apart. The much promised “golden solution” (aka vaccinations) have been somewhat mismanaged to the extend that they are now being met with skepticism. People demanding the return of personal freedoms without much thought for the vulnerable or those working on the front line. We are all tired, yet instead of moving into a new future, appear to be hanging onto a pre-Covid past.

42 Powerful Ways of Letting Go of Anxiety + Toxic People ⋆ LonerWolf

From a spiritual point of view, we need to let go. We need to surrender completely before we end up destroying ourselves and all we hold dear. We need to breathe and return to the centre, our anahata, heart chakra.

It is no longer about “you” or “me” – “yours” or “mine”. It is not even about “us”. It is gone beyond all that. It is now about nothing but truly surrendering to the All.

With 2022 consisting of being made up of a master number, as well as what technically could be seen as a triple “2” with an activating “0”s, there is a strong reminder to for us to step out of the ego-driven head space and move into the soul-centred heart.

Breathe. Surrender. Release.

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