Soul Chats

This year has been tough for many of us.
Actually, the last two years have been difficult, challenging and even life changing.

As 2021 draws to a close, are you wondering what will the new year bring? Much of the same or will there finally be a light at the end of the tunnel?

As our world continues to change around us, and the goal posts of what is ‘normal’ continue to move, are you finding yourself going with the flow, or fighting it head on?

If you are feeling down, lacking inspiration for the coming year, maybe your soul is tired.
Or maybe so much has been happening that you need an end of year ‘debrief’ in preparation for 2022.

If so, I offer a safe and confidential place for you to have a Soul Chat. A place of support where you can put those feelings and emotions. A place of no judgment. A place where you can simply be you.

Each Soul Chat session will last approximately an hour and can be held via Zoom, Messenger or even in person (subject to availability).

Please email me to book your SOUL CHATS session.

(Image Artwork by Elina Dudina)

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