Making the Most of the Capricorn New Moon

The first new moon for the year is almost upon yes and it will be 23 degrees of Capricorn, occurring at 3:30pm on the afternoon of 13 January 2021 here in Adelaide. Interestingly enough, this was very degree in January last year that Saturn and Pluto aligned, and … well, I am sure we are all still very aware of what happened after that.

Being the first new moon for the year, it will be one of our first major integration points. It may stir up the past, but it may also guide us to reflect and to think about how far we have come over the last 12 months. A Capricorn new moon is always a grounding influence and a good time to reconnect with the earth, our ancestors, and our roots. We are going to have to keep these gifts in mind as there are some volatile energies surrounding this new moon that could knock us off balance.

One idea to utilise the energies of this new moon is to take a few blank pieces of paper (or pages in your journal) and on each, write something you would like to change in your life, making sure that it is a positive and specific statement such as “Obtain a job that I enjoy doing” instead to “Leave the job I dislike” or “Start working again”.

Under each statement, consider the following questions and record your responses:

  • Where am I now?
  • What lights me up about this goal?
  • When I achieve this goal, how do I imagine I will feel?
  • How can I make the process fun and enjoyable?
  • Who in my life can support/inspire/encourage me with achieving this goal?
  • What can I give them in return?
  • What is the first small step I can take towards this goal?
  • After that, what step can I take?
  • I know I will have achieved this goal when (list three measurable results).

Then visualise yourself having already achieved the goals. Allow any feelings or sensations to arise without any judgement before moving onto the next goal. Afterwards, you might like to keep your statements where you can see them.

If you feel that you need a cellular reset, then you might like to make this “Salt Bath Release” by mixing six parts see salt, three parts Epsom salt, one part baking soda, and several drops essential oil such as bergamot (to release anxiety, anger, loneliness or resentment), or frankincense, jasmine or orange (to soothe your emotions while also awakening your inspiration) in a bowl. Add this mixture to your bath or even a footbath and soak in it. 

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