Journey into Freedom with Kali

Kali, the Hindu Dark Mother, is the fierce face of the divine feminine.

Her unbound wildness taunts us, filling us with wonder as well as with dread.

She promises ultimate freedom from our earthly constraints, yet we fear to relinquish our grip on the familiar, all the while knowing that the longer we hang on to that which no longer serves us, the harder it will be for us to let go.

 “The earth quakes under Your leaps and bounds.
You are frightful with that sword in Your hand .”


If you are seeking a new start, then the Journey into Freedom with Kali may be what you are looking for. This 21 day sadhana (spiritual practice) invites you to enter into the sacred temple of the Hindu Dark Mother. Here you will explore the sacred myths and practices to aid your on your exploration with the goddess. The sacred devotional practices that will be offered will enable you to connect with this powerful goddess on a deep soul level in order to bring about ultimate change.

Are you ready to finally let go of what has been holding you back and limiting your spiritual growth? To throw these outdated patterns into the pyre once and for all?

Are you willing to offer your head (ego) to the Terrible Mother?

Although her appearance may appear frightening, Kali is referred affectionally as “Ma” (mother) to her devotees. Her love may be tough but it is true. If you allow her, she will show you a love so deep that it will never leave you.

Journey into Freedom with Kali is a self-paced 21 day sadhana practice. Every day you will receive an email that will contain information of this powerful goddess. Some may contain mythology and personal connections, others suggested prayers and ritualistic practices for you to undertake. You will also receive a guided meditation for you to undertake as frequently as you wish to further enhance your connection and relationship with Kali.

How deeply you wish to venture into Kali’s sacred creative cycle of birth, death and rebirth is entirely up to you and how much you wish to personally commit to your spiritual evolution.

Are you ready to awaken to the gift of true freedom that Kali offers?

Kali Devotional Beads

What you will need for this sadhana:
:: A journal/notebook to record your discoveries and journey with Kali.

You may also like to obtain a set of mala beads. More about the use and where you can purchase these beads will be provided within the course, however I do make traditional length crystal malas as well as an assortment of devotional beads (including those dedicated to Kali), oils, incense and other products through my Etsy store, LunaNoire Creations.

Journey into Freedom with Kali sadhana will be open soon

Investment: $55.55 AUD – payment through this secure Paypal link.

Devotional Puja to Kali

Or direct payment via Bank Transfer using your name as the reference:
Account Name: Frances Billinghurst
BSB: 325185
Account Number: 03146790

When payment has been made, please ensure you email me with the appropriate email address that you would like to receive the sadhana emails. You will receive a confirmation email within four days acknowledging receipt and welcoming you to the sadhana. If you do not receive this initial email, please check your Junk folder or contact me.

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