Yin and Yang: Its Mystical Power and Presence in and beyond Physical Life (Dr P.L. Masters)

yin yangYin and yang is you — it’s me — it’s everyone.  It is one of the most profound communication symbols of mystical reality upon which the whole of existence exists: it can demonstrate a healing goal sought after in oriental medicine, a philosophical concept to be contemplated, or a mystical symbol on which to meditate.

Yin and yang can indeed be a symbol of many things to many people.  Visual symbols have been with mankind since the beginning of recorded history, yet the symbol of yin and yang has held people’s attention in a far greater way than other symbols—and for good reason.  Most symbols communicate lesser truths, while the symbol of yin and yang communicates life itself. 

For life, it symbolizes the manifest and the un-manifest—the un-manifesting darkness living within the manifesting white, or conversely, the manifesting white existing within the un-manifesting darkness.  From a mystical point of view, it can be thought of as the manifesting light, or physical creation’s foundation, living within the un-manifesting darkness or Spirit.

Another way to perceive yin and yang is to view the manifesting light and un-manifesting Spirit as forever inseparable.  In the words of the Christ Mind in Jesus, “The Father (or the un-manifested Spirit Consciousness) and I (or the manifesting physical creation) are One.

A symbol such as the yin and yang can be very powerful as a transmitting Energy when the symbol itself is physically viewed.  The symbol can be viewed as a concentration object before closing one’s eyes and entering into a state of meditation.  Whether hanging on a wall as a work of art, or as an object of art sitting on a table or shrine of some kind, contemplative viewing of the symbol can invoke an awakening in the unconscious, corresponding to its mystical meaning, even without meditating.

The appearance of the yin and yang symbol on clothing in recent years—especially on tee shirts—can be significant in its influence both to the wearer and to those who view it on the wearer.  All symbols contain energy lines of force based on the appearance of the symbol. When worn, such energy interacts with the body, mind, and soul energies of the wearer—in this case stimulating the mystical truth within the unconscious.  The registering or perception of this stimulation may or may not be apparent to the wearer, although, either way, the mystical and spiritual benefit is there. The same stimulation of mystical oneness between the manifest and the un-manifest can affect others who view this symbol being worn on someone else.  Even when worn as smaller physical objects of jewelry, such as pendants or rings, the stimulus from the mystical energy can still be at work.

Let the symbol of yin and yang serve you—as it has for so many down through the ages—to awaken mystically, and as a harmonic representation of balancing, healing, and wholeness. The visual construction of the symbol invokes a harmonious energy balance in the body, mind, and soul respectively—an interplay and harmonic synthesis of the body with the mind, and the mind with the soul, as well as a visual stimulant in healing, wholeness, wellness, and in any practice of a holistic nature.

Ultimately, for the Universe itself to exist, there must be harmony and Oneness of interplay and relation between the manifesting and the un-manifesting.  The symbol of yin and yang corresponds to this great mystical truth. In an Absolute Sense, the yin and yang symbol is saying, “I am in God, and God is in me.”  There is no truth that is any higher in understanding one’s relationship between body, mind, soul, Universal Consciousness, Spirit, or God, for upon this one great mystical truth rests the entirety of physical and human existence.

Be—and live—in the balance of all that is yin and yang.

Masters, Dr Paul Leon, Mystical Insights: Knowing the Unknown (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)

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