Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – Release What is no Longer Working

Yesterday (5 June 2020) there was a full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius.  The following  has been adapted from Astrobutterfly’s article, Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius – What’s No Longer Working.

As this was a South Node eclipse, the focus is on releasing the old (South Node) rather than on embracing the new (North Node). Right now the focus is on what’s no longer working.

The South Node is the “familiar” comfort zone, our “default” mode, what we are designed to keep doing because it feels safe and natural.  Being in Sagittarius means that we need to let go of those Sagittarius operating models that are no longer working.   This is what we believe to be true and morally right, as well as dogmas and biases where we have been on autopilot.

This is a South Node eclipse – a time of release and letting go.  This is not a time to find solutions.  Some solutions will come in two weeks from now, when we have a Solar/North Node eclipse. Right now though, the focus is on acknowledging what is no longer working.  Letting go of the familiar does not ‘feel’ right.  Shedding the old skin feels uncomfortable. And it should feel uncomfortable.  If something does not feel uncomfortable, chances are, there is no real change happening.

Thlunar-nodes-02is lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is opposite Venus and square Mars.  Venus is now a young morning star with a mission. She may not know yet what she wants, but her heart is on fire. Her chest is lit up.  Mars is at his first square in the hero’s journey. This is when the hero leaves the “familiar world” and crosses the threshold to the “unknown world”. This phase in the Mars cycle is when the hero is the most vulnerable. He leaves safety behind and adventures in the unknown.

This is a time to embrace our vulnerability. Because it is only by embracing it, that our vulnerability becomes our greatest strength. When we embrace it, we know where we stand. We know our weak areas. And from that place of knowing, we can embark on our new adventure with full awareness.


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