Reciting the Durga Mantra

TDM ETDG DurgaAs part of the online version of the Monday Night Meditations  that are live streamed on the Isian Centre of Metaphysic‘s Facebook page, we are working with the Durga mantra – OM DUM DURGAYEI NAMAH.  This mantra honours the powerful Hindu goddess, Durga, who is also known as the Divine Mother.

Mantras are repeated silently or aloud for the energy of the sound vibrations, to focus and still the mind, and to enlist the help of a deity.  Yogis may also use mantras during meditation to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

Durga is believed to remove suffering and protect Hindus from harm. It is that protection that they seek when chanting her mantra.

While there does not seem to be any direct translation into English of the mantra, each of the Sanskrit words do have spiritual or symbolic significance:

  • OM is the cosmic sound vibration of creation.
  • DUM is the sound of Durga energy.
  • DURGAYEI is the formal name for the goddess.
  • NAMAH is a salutation that means “not mine,” but typically is translated as “I bow to you.”

As such, the Durga mantra is often translated as: “Salutations to the one who bestows compassion, fearlessness and patience. Bless me with your protection and love.”  As this is not a literal translation, another common translation is: “Salutations to the feminine energy that protects from all negative influences.”

For those who wish to join me during the mantra chanting, I have found this You Tube video that provides very clear recitation of the mantra:

Please note that commencing on Sunday, 19 April, Monday Night Meditations will be moving to Sunday evening where they will commence around 7pm ACST (Australian Central Standard Time).  As these meditations will be live streamed on the Isian Centre of Metaphysic‘s Facebook page, the video can be viewed at your leisure.