Spiritual Power—Illusions and Reality (Masters)

sacred vowHealing, magic, mind over matter, invoking the gods – all are, have been, and will be a part of the human species’ quest to have spiritual power work for themselves or others.  Since the beginning of recorded time on this physical earth plane of existence, human beings have reached for a higher spiritual power to work on their behalf or for others.  However, many have noticed that sometimes a higher power seems to work, and other times it does not.  Is one person using the right prayer or incantation while another is not?

Why does invoking spiritual power seem so inconsistent in the hands of humankind? Why is it that prayers for health, healing, prosperity, love, and other human needs and desires are not all answered?  Are some prayers chosen or favored while others are not?  Is it a matter of good or bad karma, the wrong religion, or the wrong slant on spirituality?

Candidly, no one has any extra or special spiritual power going for them, despite what they might imagine from their false sense of personal ego identity.  Spiritual power that is active in one’s life is available only when the personal ego is not trying to influence it.

In human reality, all may seem possible in regard to spiritual power as harnessed or brought about through many diverse forms of spiritual practice.  Now, it is true that many prayers or other spiritual practices seem to be answered—but they only seem to be answered.  Of course, it is recognized that these words do not meet with a favorable response from those who believe that humans have the personal ego means to bring about some form of divine interventional power.  Certainly it will seem that, in the lives of many, some kind of other spiritual power has answered them.  And yes—it seems that way.

In reality, human consciousness, as it is currently collectively awakened in the mass of humanity, is not capable of influencing spiritual power.  If it were, the entirety of the universe would be one gigantic cosmic mess—one explosion after another as human beings in their present states of consciousness attempt to influence and find balance within the energy forces of nature on a universal scale. Place real spiritual power in the hands of a fool — that is, one with a limited perception of what really is at work on a universal scale — and chaos would ensue.

Those who are at a deep level of spiritual slumber—though they seem to be awake—may be led to believe that even if they themselves can’t invoke spiritual power, there are those who can.  And certainly there are those who are lined up and ready to fulfill that fantasy, either for their own personal good or in some way to satisfy their own self-delusions of spiritual power at their disposal. 

Albert Schweitzer once made this comment about healing in the practice of medicine:  “The role of the physician is to amuse the patient long enough to give nature the time to do the actual healing.”  Certainly, most metaphysically, mystically, or esoterically inclined people would agree with Schweitzer’s statement suggesting that ultimately it is nature that does the bottom-line healing. The very same principle could apply to the seeming use of spiritual power in any practice of spiritual healing.  One could paraphrase Schweitzer with these words: The role of the spiritual healer is to give hope to the person in need of healing until the divine actually does the healing—be it instantaneous or over a period of seeming time.  That’s if a healing is to take place, whether through medical or spiritual practice.  Medical physicians do lose patients, and ministries do lose parishioners.  In both instances, it is up to a higher power to decide who continues to live in the physical dimension, or whose time it is to move on to a plane of existence after physical life.  But, nothing in nature is ever lost; it just continues in an existence at another energy rate.

The same understanding can be applied to all other practices attempting to bring spiritual power into play, whether it be for wealth building, love, power, human fame, or glory.  All is an attempt of the imaginary personal ego to influence energies greater than human power.  If one’s personal ego seems to succeed, it can further delude itself into thinking it has really done something spiritually to activate spiritual power in his or her own life or in the life of another.  This assumption can further add to the egotism of the false personal ego identity.

Only the divine’s power is real. What then can be done for those wishing to manifest the will of the divine? Grow in awakening in consciousness to the divine’s presence within yourself.  The more awakened you become, the more you will realize that a human being alone—at this present level of awakening—cannot control or invoke spiritual power.

Again, what you can do by yourself—by your personal ego identity—to influence spiritual power is nothing.

There’s an old song whose lyrics go, “Whatever will be, will be.”  Add to that the words, “for it already is.” So relax, and let the will of the divine be done, as it will be anyway. If you are a spiritual healer or some form of spiritual practitioner, go through the motions and do your work.  But as you do, constantly remind the recipient and yourself, that if improvement comes about, the personal you had nothing to do with it, and that a healing or manifestation came about as a result of the will, grace, and the power of the divine.

Masters, Dr Paul Leon, Mystical Insights: Knowing the Unknown (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)

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