Releasing Personal Ego Will (Masters)

Namaste1The greatest act of pure folly in human life is to live by the will of one’s personal ego. After all, the personal ego is no more than a composite of limited knowledge and understanding. The personal ego has nothing more on which to form its conclusions than the limitations of outer sense impression, learned knowledge from outside sources, and formal education—which is similarly based on outside knowledge. Outer knowledge—even of the most sophisticated science—is subject to change, which means a truism of today may be tomorrow’s fiction. Upon such flimsy criteria for being, the personal ego is founded. Therefore, when one’s personal ego begins to expound on its will for one’s life, it stands on mental and emotional quicksand.
In spite of this, the average person today clings—sometimes desperately—to this illusion that one’s personal ego and its will must be the definitive decision-maker in their life. Many people feel that if they give up the will of their personal ego, they will be left barren of all joy, and end up living an austere life—like that of monks in a monastery. The truth, however, is quite the opposite. When one gives up the will of the personal ego, more of life’s true blessings become available as a greater number of opportunities become apparent.

When you truly release your personal ego’s will to the will of the divine, the divine’s presence takes over your life, and you begin to see your life through the eyes of the divine. You begin to realize that what is best for you has its foundation in your very soul. You realize that only the divine knows what direction your life should take, and how the greatest progress for your soul can be made in this lifetime.

ChakrasPeople seem to think that if they give up the will of the personal ego, they relinquish their right to the so-called joys or indulgences of the flesh and human life. In reality, the only thing that is changed is that you see life’s experiences with greater wisdom, and are thus better equipped to penetrate with a discerning eye what has real value or significance in your life.

Spiritual self-reality, or the oneness of your soul with the universal spirit, becomes the center of your life. This does not mean that love, material needs, or other important factors of life are cast aside. It means that what is of significance in your life has an opportunity to grow and expand. It also leads to a greater possibility for enlightenment.

Your consciousness becomes filled with divine certainty. You have given your life over to the divine, and the divine has replaced the uncertainties that cause you stress with the divine certainty that your life is now lived in the inner knowing of the divine‘s presence within you.

Don’t forget that the personal ego is temporary—a momentary illusion, subject to the constantly shifting sands of time. Its will to create or maintain a love relationship has no staying power. To last, love must have a spiritual foundation. And the spiritual foundation that is most capable of supporting love is completely turning over one’s personal ego will to the will of the divine. When this happens, you automatically become a more loving person. And being a more loving person, you both attract and maintain love in your life.

Releasing your personal ego’s will to the divine‘s will even opens you to receive from the divine‘s unlimited material supply. The personal ego believes in—and is motivated by—limitation, because consciously or unconsciously it knows it is limited. Certainly, there are those who have acquired material wealth through the use of their personal ego’s will, but the driving motivation has been to make up for the spiritual emptiness they consciously or unconsciously sense within themselves. In the end, all their acquired wealth becomes fool’s gold, for it does not produce lasting fulfillment and happiness.

When you give up your personal ego’s will to the divine‘s will, you open yourself to the divine‘s unlimited material supply, while retaining the sanctity of your own soul. Your soul remains intact and in the divine‘s light, while the divine guides you and works in unseen ways to prosper you with the material needs best suited for this lifetime.

Masters, Dr Paul Leon, The Theocentric Way of Life (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016).

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