The Sacredness of Silence (Dr P.L. Masters)

11744-woman-sunset-sky-silhouette-wide.1200w.tnThere is a mystical expression that goes, “He who speaks more knows less, and he who speaks less knows more.”  If one encounters religious zealots, they are very likely to speak at great length and volume about their beliefs.  A person who is advanced in spiritual awareness knows to remain silent and let the zealot ramble on.  With awareness, one knows that to try to enlighten such a person at that level of awareness would do no good.  It would only end in a meaningless debate.  There is nothing to be gained.  It is better to remain silent, being content to know that in some future lifetime every zealot will awaken to a much greater realization of spiritual truth.

All who have studied deeper forms of meditation — for the purpose of experiencing mystical union with the divine — do all they can to enter into the Silence of the Absolute.  Only when the mind can be totally quieted can Absolute Presence be known.  As long as thinking occupies the mind, the divine cannot.  Thoughts and thinking are all activities of the false sense of personal ego identity.  Even those thoughts that dwell on the divine are still part of personal ego consciousness.  As long as the personal ego is active — even in the loftiest of ways — the presence of the divine remains unknown.

Through the ages, mystics of higher awareness have taught that personal ego thoughts have to be totally stilled so that the divine may be known.  As a result, all kinds of systems have been developed to achieve such silence.  Most systems revolve around what I described decades ago as the exhaustion principle—that is, exhaust the mind, so that the thinking process gives way to silence, where the sacredness of the presence of the divine can be known.  One example can be seen in an exhaustive dance where the dancers so deplete themselves that they collapse and the body/mind relationship (without the personal ego energy) takes over.  In other words, exhaust the body, and you exhaust the personal ego level of the mind; and if consciousness remains, it is only the sacred silence of the eternal.

Namaste1In the sacred silence of the universal presence, all is already known —inclusive of all souls, both in the seen physical world and in the unseen world of other dimensions  — for past, present, and future co-exist in one eternal moment of time. And, it must be noted, that whatever a person would be moved to pray for will not be answered as a physical reality, if it is not what is best for the soul’s journey at any given moment of so-called time in the soul’s eternal journey.

If we wish to be more under the influence of the universal presence, may we speak less outwardly and listen more inwardly.  There’s an expression that goes, “He is a man of few words.”  When such a person is encountered, when the person does speak, in most instances the words are meaningful and insightful.  When that person doesn’t speak —whether consciously aware of it or not — the silence opens some degree of receptivity to, and influence by, the knowingness of universal presence.

Health is so very important. So please also note that one’s health can be greatly influenced by the sacred silence of the universal presence.  Whenever you begin to have a feeling that something is not right with the health of the body, you should become as quiet as possible.  Granted, this may not always be possible if extreme pain or other discomfort is present, but as soon as it has diminished be as quiet and still as possible —both physically and mentally.  If possible, enter a meditative state — even a light one will do.  This will give greater presence for the primal energy of the universal presence to work on adjusting all of the out-of-balance energy factors in your body and mind, thereby restoring those energy factors and improving health.  When it comes to health and healing, indeed silence is golden, for it is the sacred silence of the universal presence working to maintain or restore the health of one’s body.

Be still then. Enter the sacred silence of the universal presence and know the blessings of the divine’s peace and love.

Masters, Dr Paul Leon, Mystical Insights: Knowing the Unknown (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)