Taking Self Responsibility while Mercury is in Retrograde

mercury retrogradeOver the last few days I have noticed an increase in emails and internet messages that have been, well basically, somewhat rude and even threatening.  Is this the way we communicate to each other now – through veiled threats if our demands are not adhered to immediately?  Or are there cosmic influences at play?

On Thursday, 31 October, Mercury went into retrograde and will not right itself again until mid November.  (For those who are not astrologically inclined, when a planet goes into “retrograde” it means from earth it appears to be going backwards, ie east to west as opposed to west to east.  Mercury is the planet that governs communication (and all related aspects) as well as travel.  Astrologers often warn that while Mercury is in retrograde it is not be best time to buy electronics, be more careful when considering written responses, and to ensure that computers are backed up as for some “cosmic” reason, communication systems, gadgets and computers have a tendency to slowdown or even malfunction.

Mercury went into retrograde at 27° Scorpio and will end on 20 November 20 at 11° Scorpio.  This Scorpion connection has sent some alarm bells ringing largely because Scorpio itself is an intense, emotional sign on its own – add a Mercury retrograde to the mix and the result can bring out extra rage, hostility, pent up aggression and even hatred.  But there is more to Scorpio than this.

transformation.jpgAccording to Dark Pixie, Scorpio rules transformations which can result in positive effects, especially when things that you have been avoiding for a long time are focused on.  Scorpio also rules power and control and therefore can be beneficial when the desire is to regard these things in your life.  When it comes to power, there is usually a “disclaimer” or “exception”, and in this instance, a word to be mindful that actions such as regaining your own power may not be seen as such by other people.  For this reason, it is good to be mindful that in this age of instance messages and emails, that we all need to take self responsibility for our actions (or failure to take action as the case may be).

“Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment,
and learn again to exercise his will – his personal responsibility.”
Albert Einstein)

Each of us are responsible for our actions – all of them.  Each of us are responsible for our own thoughts and behaviour, whether deliberate or unintentional.  We are also responsible for the commitments we make.  While blaming someone or something else for the situation you find yourself in may seem logical to you, remember that at the end of the day if you fail to take responsibility for your own self, you are merely scapegoating.  Responsibility rarely falls onto only one person in any situation.

Blaming other people for situations that you find yourself in can be a somewhat spiritually harmful road to head down.  Not only are you deflecting responsibility from yourself but you are in danger of damaging potential relationships by not showing any awareness (or concern) as to how your actions (or communications) impact upon other people.

Instead of demanding an outcome that will solely benefit you, maybe aim to negotiate an outcome that will benefit all parties concerned.

Before you send that email or message, maybe re-read your request just to make sure that you are not coming across as sounding demanding or threatening.

unplug.jpgSpare a thought to the person who will be on the other end of your communication.  Maybe they are doing things that are just as equally important to them.  Maybe they are just busy attending to the “chop wood, carry water” aspect of life.  It is not unreasonable to want to “unplug” as not be available 24/7.

Finally, do not judge a person’s life only by social media posts (what is being posted may actually be masking something that the person does not want to make public).

Taking responsibility for our own actions means taking responsibility and care for the commitments that we have made.  When we are able to take full responsibility for these things, we manifest less stress and chaos in our lives.  Another added bonus is that we also manifest the respect of others, and who knows, they may be more readily to see things our way the next time.


“A sign of wisdom and maturity is when you come to terms with the realization that
your decisions cause your rewards and consequences. You are responsible for your life,
and your ultimate success depends on the choices you make.”

(Denis Waitley)