Neutralizing Negative Karma (Dr Paul Masters)

Higher-ConsciousnessUnless spiritual steps are taken, the effects of negative karma can last a lifetime, and even beyond into other lives. Negative karma is a karmic debt that works with the law of cause and effect. If you cause something negative to happen, you acquire a karmic debt, the negative energy of which will cause a future effect.

A karmic debt can involve any one of a number of major areas in human life. Such areas may include, but are not limited to, love, relationships, family, sexuality, addictions, occupation, income, and health. Having difficulty in one or more of these areas can cause significant distress. It can be the difference between living a wonderful life or a life filled with misery. Therefore, neutralizing negative karma is a subject to be taken quite seriously.

Like everything in life that is subject to improvement, a person must really wish to change or do what is necessary to neutralize karma. Often a person will try for a short time to take the spiritual steps necessary to make a change, but will not have the perseverance required to see it through. It is like an addict who may control their addiction for a while, only to succumb to it once again. This cycle can repeat itself numerous times because the karmic cause has never truly been neutralized. Only the surface psychological causes have been dealt with, and this is why a person may revert back to previous negative karmic behavior.

spirit guide1Most behavioral systems treat the surface symptoms, but not the causes, except in a superficial sense. Remember that the karmic cause may be deeply buried in the unconscious, escaping the probe of the behavioral therapist. To neutralize negative karma, one should take a full approach of working with both the outer and innermost levels of the mind.

A negative thought connected with negative karma is an impulse of thought-energy arising from the negative karmic cause deep within your mind. Not consciously addressing it allows it to return to the unconscious, only to surface once again at a future time. This is why at the very moment a thought associated with negative karma enters your conscious mind, immediately say to yourself that you nullify that thought. Don’t wait even a moment, for to do so is to give that thought time to retreat back into your deeper unconscious. Worse still, if it does not immediately go back into your unconscious, it may linger in your conscious mind and act as a stimulant for negative wrong action.

More than anything else, a daily practice of meditation can help to neutralize and, in some cases, eliminate negative karmic causes from the deeper layers of the mind. To one extent or another, every time you meditate you are influencing all levels of your mind with healing energy, including the level that contains the energy of a negative karmic cause. When meditating, there is no need to consciously seek to neutralize or sublimate the karmic cause. This is automatically accomplished by seeking the presence of the divine source, for coming into contact with the presence is coming into contact with healing. The divine source is a primal light energy at the center of all levels of your mind. Meditation opens all levels of your mind to the healing light energy of the divine.

Depending on how strongly rooted the negative karmic cause is, neutralizing may only take a few days, or up to several months, or in some cases, years. The point is, since we are eternal, there must come a time when we take steps to neutralize or remove a negative cause of discomfort for ourselves. We must realize that every time we meditate, we are that much closer to neutralizing any negative karma that we wish to be removed from our lives.

Visualization can be an enormous adjunct to the practice of meditation for neutralizing or removing past negative karmic energy. Past negative karmic energy exists as darkened energy within the mind. The idea is to visualize or imagine that these darkened energies are being sublimated into light by the light that is the presence of the divine at the deepest level of the mind. If a person is experiencing a particularly difficult life and attributes it to past negative karma, this sublimation visualization should be practiced daily.

hand heartThe divine always gives one a choice and the freedom of will to choose to identify with either past negative karmic energy or with the presence of the divine source within. Identifying with the divine presence within you will eventually cause you to outgrow that level of your mind that contains the karmic cause behind any negative karma in your life. Once you outgrow that level, it no longer has a negative influence over you; its energy is released, and thus, it dissipates.

Remember that the power of the mind of the divine source over all other energies is very real, and through the energy of the divine’s healing light, you can be made new. Affirm that for yourself by declaring, “I am new!” Psychologically, psychically, and above all, spiritually, that very powerful statement—repeated often and daily—can go far towards neutralizing negative karmic energy in your life.

Masters, Dr Paul Leon, The Theocentric Way of Life (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)

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