Reincarnation and You (Dr P.L. Masters)

twin flamesHave you lived previous lives?  Two-thirds of the world’s population believes they have, based on their own belief in the concept of reincarnation.  Through hypnotic past life recollection, many people claim that they have had remembrances of past lives through such regression.  Students of deeper forms of meditation have also claimed to experience visions of what they believe to be one or more previous lives.

In Tibetan mysticism, which is probably the most advanced form and practice of mysticism on the planet, they believe in the wheel of birth and rebirth.  The premise is that a soul keeps incarnating lifetime after lifetime, until they awaken to their own divine nature and transcend the wheel.

An aspect of the mysticism of various schools of thought is that a soul reincarnates through all twelve signs of the zodiac. Each time they reincarnate, they are more spiritually aware and awakened than in their previous incarnation.  This process continues until such time as a soul has transcended the needs of each of the twelve signs, and no longer has a physical karmic tie to things to be lived out on this earth.  A soul has simply outgrown the attractions of the earth life that would cause it to continue wishing to incarnate.

Reincarnation also tends to explain that the universe is not unfair to some people whose lives are filled with suffering. Instead, there is a law of cause and effect (karma), which extends from one lifetime to another. If a soul seems to be leading a life of suffering at the hands of others, it is because, without remorse, they inflicted suffering on others in previous lifetimes. Reincarnation, therefore, tends to explain why some souls lead such miserable lives. Conversely, souls who seem to be enjoying life’s bounties may have been extremely good to others in previous lives and, for that reason, are enjoying what is considered to be the good life, by physical standards. Such souls must be careful, however, for if they do not share their good fortune with others in this lifetime, they may have to go without in a future lifetime.

surrender_butterflySometimes, a soul that has broken the wheel of birth and rebirth will incarnate by choice. The purpose for the incarnation is to be of help to humanity through such vehicles as spirituality, the arts, politics, and through any other avenue where people can be influenced positively. However, such high souls are not immune to problems or hardships, by the very nature of having taken a physical body once more.  Once in a physical body, even a high soul is subject to the pains and misfortunes of the body. But high souls, because of the spiritual nobility of their choice to incarnate, do so knowingly and lovingly.

All souls consciously or unconsciously have reincarnated to be able to express one or more of the divine attributes within themselves. Whether spiritually awakened or not, every soul is as inwardly unique as their thumbprint is outwardly unique. In every lifetime, still more unique expressions of the divine seek to manifest through the soul. As these manifestations take place, a soul gets to experience them.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have a spiritual purpose for reincarnating into this lifetime. The more you consciously realize what your soul’s purpose is, the more you can live it, and thus achieve the maximum spiritual benefit from having lived the life you are presently living. Every soul—even the most unenlightened—will be living their soul’s purpose to some degree, or they would not have reincarnated. The more aware, older souls will realize that they have a soul’s purpose and will consciously seek it out from the Divine Mind of the divine within themselves. To accomplish this, a soul should realize that the divine’s will for their life is one and the same as their soul’s purpose. For the divine creates the soul’s purpose for each individual soul, together with a collective soul’s purpose for soul groupings of certain generations.

Ultimately, the highest reason to reincarnate is to know the value of love above all else in life, and to live a life of love. For most unevolved or unawakened souls, love revolves around one’s immediate circle, such as family, friends, a spouse, or lover. Reincarnating over many lifetimes enlarges the circle of love to encompass all of humanity. Over many lifetimes, a soul comes to both know and feel a love for all humanity.

Lifetime after lifetime, relationship after relationship, a soul keeps learning a little at a time what real love is. In the most unaware souls, love is mostly about getting. In the most enlightened souls, love is about giving—giving not with the thought of getting something in return, but for the pure joy of love. It is the kind of giving that is motivated by real love, which is the love of the nature reflected in another person. And real love is pure—not love based on one’s personal needs or codependency, but loving for the sake of loving.

past livesWhatever your reason for having reincarnated, remember always that there is a divine reason or purpose for the life you are leading. Periodically stop your busy daily schedule and contemplate why you are living this life. With proper contemplation, prayer, and above all, meditation, the answers to the questions of your present incarnation will be made known to you. Above all, rejoice that there is a divine purpose for the life you are living!

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Masters, Dr Paul Leon, The Theocentric Way of Life (International Metaphysical Ministry, 2016)

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