Decision Making: Who Makes the Decisions? (Dr Paul Masters)

Your-Extrasensory-Meditation-PowerHow life turns out, or how it is going for anyone, is based on what decisions one has made, to one’s betterment or detriment.  When a soul is born into this physical earthly dimension, with but few exceptions, he or she incarnates with a false sense of identity, the personal ego. As they grow to adulthood, the limited sense of awareness of other personal egos surrounding them reinforces the illusion that they are but personal ego identities.

From schoolyard adolescence to the adult environments of human life in this earthly dimension, the personal ego identity is accepted as being the decision maker in one’s life. The personal ego becomes involved in a personal learning process based on what one’s parents believe and then expands into the beliefs of educators, politicians, scientists, and, for the majority, religions. The personal ego builds what it knows about life and how to live it based on a composite from all these sources of what is and what is not.

aura-therapie-holistique-amour-couple-page-benoit-dutkiewiczFrom this composite of sources emerges what the personal ego will base its decision-making on. This will not only affect the life of any one soul, but just as importantly, the lives of others who interact with this soul as it moves through its earthly lifetime, and yes, even beyond this incarnation into an afterlife. Whatever affects one speck of life or a human being affects the whole or the universe, as the speck is an active part of the whole.

To a limited extent, the false sense of the personal ego identity does recognize that what it does affects others, but because of the limitations of the personal ego, it does not grasp to what extent. Viewed in this context, what one does in one’s life has a ripple effect throughout life on a universal scale. What people choose to do as life’s choices unfold before them is thus based on their decision-making.

“To be, or not to be” could be seen as this very wise question: “To be a Universal Reality Identity, or not to be—that is, to remain a limited, false, personal ego identity.” Indeed, that is the question. To the point: will one’s decision-making be made as a result of the opinions of others, accumulated in the memory consciousness of the personal ego, or will one’s decisions be inspired intuitively by the only real identity, universal divine presence? Will the decisions arrived at be powered by the will of the false personal ego, or the One True Life of universal divine presence manifesting its Spirit through the soul and the surface mind-awareness of a person?

It is a choice between living by one’s wits (the personal ego), or by the wisdom of the ages (past, present, and future) that flows inspirationally and intuitively through oneself. To the mystic who has pierced through the veil of outer sense perception and has glimpsed the greater reality that is real life and real identity, it is not a matter of choosing false, personal ego identity or real universal identity, for there can only be universal divine presence and Will as the Source of all decision-making in one’s life.

If a person has not yet awakened to mystical awareness and alignment with the universal divine will in decision-making, but at least intellectually or philosophically recognizes the wisdom to have wisdom be the decision-maker in one’s life, then the best advice is to be certain to make meditation practice a part of every day, and continually remind one’s self that the personal ego is a myth of outer sensory illusions. If this is done with purity of heart and the selflessness of the Spirit vibrating in one’s soul, decisions will be made by universal divine presence.

universalPlease take serious note that a person whose decision-making is being guided by universal divine presence will not always have what would appear to be a positive outcome by worldly standards. Recognize this as a temporary adjustment by Spirit to one’s Soul journey; for when all the cosmic dust has settled and one looks back in hindsight, the blessing of such an outcome will be apparent.

So, under the universal divine presence, even when decision-making may not seem to be working things out for the physical moment, know that things really are being worked out in the eternal moment, and after all, that’s where one really lives and has eternal Beingness.

Masters, Dr Paul Leon, 2016,  Mystical Insights: Knowing the Unknown (International Metaphysical Ministry)

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